Horary: Tumor mass surgery remove soon, recovery?


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Horary: I have Tumor mass surgery scheduled to remove soon, how the recovery look like in this Horary chart?

It does not look good does it? Why I just have a very bad feeling about this chart.

It not an option, the tumor has to be remove or else I die. I want to know how the recovery is like?

Thank you for the help.



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the tumor has to be remove or else I die.
Normally Sun in AQ isn’t good because it’s in detriment.
In this case it’s good! You terminate dead in your first house. Dead is not welcome in your first house ruled by Saturn.

You ask specific about recovery, not about the operation itself or complications.
So I will stick with the question of recovery/treatment.
Recovery/treatment is 10th house Mars.
Mars is also in your first house (4 planets of the 7 are!).
Mars just left his place of exaltation in the sign Capricorn and is no longer an high honored VIP guest who is in control.
Being in AQ he lost a lot of credibility and status, in fact he‘s wandering now, searching his way, as Peregrine planet. That makes him weak and unstable.
But the most important thing, he is not in detriment or in fall!
And he is in a very strong angular house and in your first house, that’s a major positive.
He is able to act well while receiving good vibes of Jupiter.

probably the recovery goes a little bit unstable, searching for the right treatment.
Wandering (lost) planets can go good or bad (like humans lost their way in life), but in this case Mars get guidance from beneficial Jupiter (drugs = the right medicatie Jupiter is Lord 12) which are maybe expense (intercepted sign Pisces 2nd house) in the house with the North Node. And again, Mars is in a strong angular house, able to move forward.

I don’t known why your third house is so beneficial and why your Moon is there, but it’s positive as well.
Maybe because it’s a face surgery (Moon in Aries and 1st house is emphasized).
Anyhow Moon applying to NN is excellent.

You (Saturn) receive Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces.
Because we don’t talk about the surgery itself in this chart, but about recovering,
the “sickness” wil be terminated also dead again , intercepted Virgo sign in 8th house.

Conclusion: wandering Mars (treatment) is a little of concern, we don’t known if Mars is going to drift off and will face rough storms or that he will face calm water. It depends in what direction he decides to go. But again Mars is not in detriment or fall, in a angular house and is guided by Jupiter. Although Jupiter (the meds) receive Mars (treatment) in detriment it could indicate the side effects of the medication and not the treatment itself.

I’m sorry to hear about your health problems.
Wish you and your family the best and a good recovering! ❤️‍🩹


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Thank you Miss @MarinaFFF

Does it say surgery looks ok like go smooth?

the “sickness” wil be terminated also dead again , intercepted Virgo sign in 8th house. ]] ---------- Is this bad, means I will die?

If I don't get this tumor mass remove and it metastatic to other organs of my body then I will die, so it best to get it remove now when it still small in size, you don't want it to grow big and metastasis, it a risk I have to take. I will die if I don't get the tumor mass remove.

So die or take the risk of surgery to remove the tumor mass, my choice.

And I not want to die yet, I still have a husband to live for. I guess it a risk I have to take, I am in America so healthcare here is good, I don't think the hospital will just let me die without help me if surgery go wrong.


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the “sickness” wil be terminated also dead again , intercepted Virgo sign in 8th house. ]] ---------- Is this bad, means I will die?
No it’s good news. Venus inter intercepted doesn’t have a big meaning in Horary.
In this case it’s 9th house, knowledge, hospitals. Venus that exalt Mars (the treatment).
Of course you have to do what the doctors tell you to do, I’m definitely not a doctor!
I’m just trying to “translate” the chart in human understanding.


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Thanks Miss.

I'm worry because I NEVER cast an Horary chart that have any planets in 1st house before, let alone 4 planets in 1st house. And 1st house is me. So if that many planets occupy then that mean I can't die right? lolol.
I mean if surgery die it would be 4 planets in 8th house instead right? lol.

It a weird chart really, like what the heck do Mars Venus Mercury Sun doing all in the 1st house me.

And I dunno if Moon with Nord Node is a good thing at all, as NN is the head of the dragon and with Moon is just bad all around.

But this surgery has to be done, unless I want to die, the Gemini me nervous as f, but hell, it has to be done.