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Horary astrology can be used to predict the winner of a sports event in two ways:
  • By horary chart analysis for the event taking place
  • By horary chart analysis for specific question
For the event chart we always cast a chart for date, time and place of the match.
For horary chart involving a specific question we cast a chart for the date, time and place when someone asks the question, if the data are known. Otherwise, we do it for the date, time and place when we (astrologers) understnad the question

  • The 1st and 7th house show opponents
  • The 5th house, and 11th house (counted as 5th from the 7th) describe how they play the game
  • The 10th house and 4th house (counted as 10th from the 7th) indicates their honour and the ability to win the game
There are several methods to do a horary reading of an event chart where we need to consider the home team and the visiting team.
  • The home team is represented by ASC and visiting is represented by the DSC
  • The favorite team is represented by ASC and underdog is represented by the DSC
  • My favourite method is to asign ASC or DSC upon kit's colour of teams. I think it is most secure variant. Why? Because, ASC for one team, and DSC for another team are all about apperance, that is the first impression what we get when ASC or DSC team run on playground and than we usually say: "White" are our team, and "red" are "enemy"(for example).
If we are casting a horary or casting an event chart, and there is a strong favorite, the usual delineation for the VOC Moon fits nicely. Nothing much happens, i.e., the favorite wins."Nothing much happens"means that the expected result occurs.

If we are dealing with a sport like boxing, where there is a sitting champion who will either retain his crown or lose it, as opposed to a season long effort to obtain top ranking or a tournament like Wimbledon, then we would use the 10th house for the champion and the 4th house for the opponent. Again, the VOC Moon would indicate the champion retains his crown.

There are some final matches which are being held on neutral stadiums and in than case it is not easy to decide which team is the ASC and which one is the DSC. In such a situation you have to consider the adequate zodiacal sign which represents the country or the city in the question.

When you determine who is ASC and who is DSC,first check out the potential for a draw. The match is draw usually if:
  • the Moon is in detriment or fall
  • the Moon applying to a malefic
  • the Moon is combust
  • the Moon’s dispositor is combust
  • the Moon applying to or separating from a conjunction of the South node
  • the Moon’s dispositor applying to or separating from a conjunction of the South node
  • the Moon’s dispositor is retrograde
If there is no potential for a draw, than go on and look for rulers of corresponding houses, their accidental dignities and determine which is stronger. Please note that this step takes careful consideration and it is never as easy as it sounds like!
But if accidental dignities and debilities are more or less equal, a strong discrepancy of essentiall dignity can be crucial.

Remember these rules:
  • Moon near ASC or MC (orb 3°) ASC team will win
  • Moon near DSC or IC (orb 3°) DSC team will win
  • The North node strengthen the house in which it is. So, if it is in the 7th house it is good sign for DSC team.
  • A ruler in an angular house has great advantage over one in a cadent or succedent house.
  • If ruler is closer to a house cusp, the greater it's effect on that house.
  • If ruler is in a different sign to the house cusp, it’s effect will be greatly diminished.
  • Look for applaying Moon's aspects with ruler of 1st and ruler of 7th house within 5°. But, if Moon is near the end of sign look for Moon's aspects only untill end of that sign. Which ruler Moon last aspect, that team will win! It is not important if that aspect is easy one (trine, sextile) or hard (square, oposition).
  • Look for applaying Moon's aspects with POF(daily formula) or with antiscion of POF(APOF)
    a)If Moon conjunct, sextile, trine POF or APOF ASC team will win!!
    b)If Moon square, opose POF or APOF DSC team will win!!
Remember: Moon's aspect with POF or APOF is FINAL!
POF on North Node - ASC team will win
POF on South Node - DSC team will win

  • When in horary event chart angles are cardinal, rulers cardinal and Moon cardinal all happens very quick so everything will be completion until 90 min.
  • When in horary event chart angles are mutable, rulers mutable and Moon mutable all happens less quick so we can expect extra time.
  • When in horary event chart angles are fix, rulers fix and Moon fix all happens slow so we can expect penalties.
Of course, you will rarely get so clear "picture", but you than count and see what fact prevails (cardinal, mutable, fix).

If you want to predict the time when goals will be scored you have to add minute by minute on kick/off time and see if there are some change regarding signs on cusps or regarding planet entering in new house. But problem is that not every change means goal, but every change is possibility for goal.
For goals in second half it is important to know add time and pause time exactly. For example, goals scored in 61min may mean 45 min 1st half + for example 2 minutes add time + 15 minutes pause +16 minutes od 2nd half.
Because there must past 4min for change one degree, in some cases you have goal few minutes after some change.

To see how all these rules works visit my site: http://www.astrosport07.webs.com/ where you will find a lot of examples!
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