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I live with abusive sister. When will I be able to move into home of my own? (trying to win money; not eligible for loan). Parents died last 5 yrs. Next few yrs will get 2 amounts of money, but it's only reimbursement of own money put in, due to expenses etc. No 'inheritance'.

14 May 1974, 8.40pm, Echuca, Victoria, Australia

Thankyou very much for looking at my chart.


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Your time till the middle of 2021 has the potential to be very favourable but the role of the sibling is creating unhappiness in it. Some unearned money such as inheritance, legal accrual etc is likely waiting for you. You may get it by November/2020 or you may wait for it till the early next year.


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Thankyou. I understand astrology/society calls it 'unearned' money; in my case earnt it (mother's unpaid carer 1 year, then about 5yrs' unpaid work clearing what parents left behind. Reimbursement only for all that unpaid work and related expenses). It's unusual situation, everyone sees 'parents death', jumps to conclusion 'inheritance!'. People don't realise - not everyone gets inheritance. Part of the unpaid work was turning it from lifelong debt to a loss.

When you say your time until middle 2021 could be very favourable - guessing that means from now until end June 2021?

Thankyou very much for taking the time to think about and work on my question and chart.