Hobbies in the Natal Chart

What would you look at when looking for a persons hobbies in the Natal Chart, I have my Venus in Capricorn in the 5th house - hobbies

Here is my Natal Chart below: Looking at my Capricorn on the cusp of my 5th and Venus placed here, would this show how I take my hobbies seriously as I do devote a lot of time to my Astrology studies, I am only self taught but I plan to keep on studying for many years. My Astrology interest is probably linked to my Venus sextile Uranus in Scorpio 3rd and my opposing Jupiter in the 11th Uranian house. Where do I get my obsession for the subject from. I also have a Mercury connection to Uranus in 3rd and to Jupiter in 11th.

Question: What are your hobbies and how are they seen in the birth Chart, I just tried looking for my boyfriends hobby in his chart and I couldn't find it I may post it up to see if anybody else can see his snooker hobby.

Shining Ray


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I think you are right, you'd look maybe to the 5th house, its cusp, any aspects to the cusp maybe and any planets in it with their aspects. But I would also look to venus individually because its about things that we simply love, something that is done without a sense of duty.

In your case, your venus is in the 5th so you have a genuine love of your hobby. As you said, maybe you are very dedicated with your hobbies. Your hobbies might be something that will in your life for a long time (saturn rules your 5th) or it might have something to do with the past - eg you might consider something like history or antiques as a hobby. Also, you probably have earthy hobbies as well - maybe something like pottery or gardening.

In your case, saturn sits on your asc in the 1st house, maybe others identify you by your loves/hobbies. Maybe you should also consider your hobby that can also get you closer to your requirements with your NN (conj).

As for astrology, I think the venus sextile uranus, well it certainly make you communicate your love. Althought the 6th house is ruled by Aqu, I think your Aqu mars might have something to do with - astrology is ruled by Aqu and mars shows your drive, so you are driven in that way. I'm sure having your 8th house cusp on pisces might have something do with it as well.


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Shining Ray,

In glancing at your chart, I would vote for the astrology hobby influence being the Uranus/Mercury/Jupiter connection. In fact, you have a great deal of Uranian influence. I think that Uranus, especially a Uranus/Mercury connection is significant for interest in astrology. In my own chart, I have Mercury conjunct Uranus in the 11th house, trine Saturn.

Interesting that you have a Saturn/Uranus quintile, while in my chart, I have a Jupiter/Uranus quintile.

I wonder how many others interested in astrology have strong connections between Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn.

My interest in religion I think is indicated by a stellium of Jupiter conjuct the north node conjunct Neptune in the second house combined with Venus in the ninth house.

I have other hobbies but I can't figure out the connections. My fifth house is empty with Aquarius on the cusp.

Thanks 23,

What you said about looking to Saturn made me think of my Virgo and my hobby involving analyzing, well you do have to analyze a birth chart and look at the details. So this would factor in my hobby. This is now making a lot of sense. With Venus in 5th I do love my Astrology hobby. Mars adds the drive to this Aquarian/Astrology energy for me. With my Saturn in the 1st Virgo with my NN. I do analyze myself through Astrology it is a sort of self help tool for me.

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Hi Devalight,

Wow yes with you your Mercury conjunct Uranus in the 11th would be a strong indicator of this interest for you. And your Lucky with the added trine of Saturn, I am so jealous now :D .

With your religion the Jupiter/Neptune Spiritual (Neptune) Beliefs (Jupiter) so yes this would make sense. With Venus in the 9th as well a love, artistic expression has to have some kind of religious meaning to it. With your Aquarius on the cusp of the 5th this must have to indicate your Astrology hobby.

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My hobbies are:
The occult
Listening to music
Going on forums :D
Chatting with friends
Writing in my diary

I have Venus in Leo in house 8. That's where my obsession with the occult comes from. Astrology - that'd be my first house Uranus trine Sun in 8.
Listening to music... Taurus is about music right? My cusp 5 is on Taurus, so that would explain a lot.
Going on forums - Uranus again!
Chatting with friends/meeting friends - obviously Venus in Leo.
Reading - Mercury in Virgo. I love reading. I can identify with characters so much. I can picture everything, I sort of make my own movie in my head. That's Neptune in 1.
Mercury is in 8. That explains why I like books such as Mary Higgins Clark's (crime novels) so much! I think I've read them all by now. It's very funny: On the street where you live was the one that I liked the most. It's about a reincarnated killer, hehe.
Writing in my diary. Geez, I don't know! Anyone who knows what placements could refer to keeping a diary?
Daydreaming - that's not a difficult one. Neptune in 1 sextile Moon.

Sagittarian Angel

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Chatting with friends/meeting friends - obviously Venus in Leo.
Manic_Monday, are you sure it's Venus in Leo? If your Venus rules the 11th House (Friends, Groups, Internet) in your natal chart, I see why it's obvious...

My hobby is definitely astrology! Next are chatting and going on forums (Moon trine Uranus), reading (Asc in Gemini, Mercury in Sagittarius), watching TV (when I'm really bored, perhaps Sun conjunct Neptune), dreaming (Moon trine Neptune)...


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Sagittarian Angel said:
Manic_Monday, are you sure it's Venus in Leo? If your Venus rules the 11th House (Friends, Groups, Internet) in your natal chart, I see why it's obvious...
I could be wrong. Nope, Venus doesn't rule my 11th house. My 11th house is ruled by Pluto (H10).
I thought it was my Venus in Leo because that placement indicates an outgoing nature. Leo loves to party, right? And I couldn't think of another placement.
Ha Ha I should put going on forums as my hobby too I can't keep out of this place. I blame Jupiter in Leo placed in 11th house for this. I never thought about which books I like to read. Well the obvious Astrology books Mercury trine Uranus in Scorpio 3rd. I like books involving transforming yourself, self help books possibly my Venus squares Pluto loves psychology. As a teenager I liked to read my mums romance novels. :eek: I blame my Mercury in Pisces square Neptune for this.:D

Shining Ray
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Mine are travel - 9th/sag venus, jup in 1st conj asc
Reading - mars 3rd/gem; merc 10th/retro, Libra moon
Birdwatching - Aqu sun
Collecting wooden fruit - 2nd house cusp Tau, libran moon, pisces 12th house cusp

Other hobbies that I have had but haven't practiced recently:
Ballroom dancing - libran moon maybe 2nd house cusp
Wikipedia - 10th house merc, mars 3rd/gem
Drawing - as above (which I admit I am very good at but haven't done in about 10 years)
Guitar - aries AC, and 2nd/12th house cusp, libran moon.


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I think that hobbies can be linked to 5th house, Venus and Mars. Mars especially for sporting hobbies. For example, I have Mars in Scorpio and I love going to the gym and then I love to dance, which is a great way to express my emotions (Moon in Cancer).

I think that Venus in Aquarius tells about my astrology hobby and also the fact that I have many hobbies and it varies a lot which hobby I like the most at the moment.

I also have a lot of Neptune in my chart (conjunct Sun, opposition Moon, conjunct MC etc.) and that tells about my dancing and painting hobbies!

Arian Maverick

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This is an interesting thread, but I'm not sure if the fifth house always reflects an individual's hobbies, although it makes sense in theory.

I've got Cancer on the cusp of my fifth house and its ruler, the Moon, is conjunct my Ascendant in the first house. I tend to associate Cancer with domestic things such as cooking and cleaning, or possible indicative of an interest in genealogy, yet I don't consider any of these to be hobbies--unless I am simply being too narrow in my interpretation of this placement?

I'd consider my main hobbies to be reading and photography, although I haven't done much of the latter lately. I love browsing through WebShots and admiring others' work, though; I truly admire and appreciate the skill of rearranging what is already within a particular environment and creating something beautiful. I appreciate quality descriptive writing as well; writing is similar to photography in the way that elements--in this case, words--are arranged to depict an image or to evoke a particular emotion.

Both of these hobbies have an emotional component to them, so I suppose the Cancer influence is relevant in this way; I tend to be personally affected by these emotions and long to recreate them through the means I have described. This sounds a bit like the Moon conjunct my Ascendant, but how Aries figures into this, I have no idea.

Arian Maverick

If you look at the ruler of your fifth instead of the sign, perhaps you will find that the moon makes more sense......i dont know what you do in "real" life, but you seem to go through phases here, with what you add your time too....does that make any sense? jUst an idea.....happy to be wrong if that doesnt make sense to you.....


Sagi on the 5th house with Capricornian Venus, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune all in there

I'm learning how to box, reading about astrology, and I have an interest in clothing too.

Does that fit?

Anthony Lyons

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Arian Maverick said:
I'd consider my main hobbies to be reading and photography, although I haven't done much of the latter lately. I love browsing through WebShots and admiring others' work, though; I truly admire and appreciate the skill of rearranging what is already within a particular environment and creating something beautiful. Arian Maverick

Hi Arian Maverick. From my understanding, photography is most closely associated with Cancer, so having an interest in photography when Cancer is on the 5th house cusp makes a lot of sense to me.

If you also count astrology as a hobby, then having the 5th house ruler, the moon, in your 1st house would also suggest a strong interest in the self, in your case, embodied in astrology.

For me, Leo is on my 5th house cusp, with Mars placed in the 5th. With Aries rising, and therefore having my chart ruler in the 5th, this probably explains why I have been constantly engrossed in hobbies all my life. They have provided an outlet for a great deal of creative energy (Leo). My sun, ruling the 5th, is placed in the 4th, so its probably no wonder that most of these hobbies have been home-based!


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OK hobbies... !

Well, to start my 5th house is completely empty. Jupiter rules 5th and is in my 12th house conjunct AC.

foreign cities
other cultures
making myself the best l can be
medicine - alternative and research
researching anything l find interesting
my own company
driving fast on race tracks
fast sports cars
guys with motorbikes :D
psychic abilities
healiing others
psychotheraperising others!!!
color therapy
self help
understanding the mind
using mind over matter
the mind and its links to wellness and disease
all kinds of medicine... chinese, indian, etc
intuitive anything...
feeling life

There are lots more but those are the ones that spring to mind.


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I have loads of hobbies... Sag rules my 5th - l love and am intrigued by everything LOL

I have loads of others but l didn't want to be too greedy :D

Looking to Jupiter said:
cmon now Moulin, is that all you could come up with? :D