hit a brick wall, dropped nursing school. Please Help me asses my chart for any clarity.


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Lisa, you actually have a very strong horary chart, with Saturn, Neptune, Mars, and Mercury in the signs they rule, plus your sun and moon in mutual reception. Your moon in the 6th house and sun in the 5th house suggest that health care and early childhood education are choices consistent with your horoscope. Your moon in the 6th suggests that health care is where your heart is. Is there another branch of health care besides becoming a RN that appeals to you?

Also, I assume you were in a 4-year university nursing program. Had you thought about the shorter LPN track? I think private duty nurses make more money than regular hospital "floor" nurses. There are other intriguing options, like working on a cruise ship or school. The 12th house rules hospitals and nursing homes, and Saturn there doesn't offer much encouragement. So where else might your skills be put to good use?

This chart, however, does have a caution against judgement. The early degree rising suggests that, "It's too soon to tell."

Both the ascendant (you) and cusp of your 10th house of career are ruled by Jupiter. Is going back to school an option for you?

But I wonder if your natal chart would offer more insights than a horary chart of the moment. If you want to post it with your career question, you will have to start a new thread on the appropriate board, but you could link it to this thread.

And BTW, feeling like a loser is so common among people who can't stop comparing themselves with friends who have fast-tracked. You're not a loser. A late bloomer, possibly; but that's different.


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Unfortunatley, it is the LPN program that i have been struggling to complete, 3 times. I do all A's in all my classes but keep failing the exit exams no matter how much i study. You need an 80% to pass the program and i ended with a 79.6, 79.2, 79.5.... unfortunatley the school refused to round me up to a B. I felt like i was being scammed because the price to repeat the course kept changing/ increasing each day. And they kept adding different exit exams, and the weight of the exams kept changing
Sorry to hear this, Lisa. Does this school have an appeals process or an ombudsperson?