Hillary clinton - next USA president ?


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ONLY for Hillary, to All


This thread is ONLY for Hillary Clinton ASTROLOGICAL analysis. If you want to astrologically analyze a different politician, create a new thread. If you want to talk about your political opinion, go to the Chat Forum.

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The most remarkable in Hillary's chart is a stellium of malefic planets (Pluto, Saturn and Mars) set the fixed star Merak, of martian nature, at her 9th house (foreing issues) square to her Ascendant in Scorpio, and Mercury regent of her Midheaven in exact conjunction with Ascendant in 22º Scorpio, on the fixed star Unuk or "Snake Neck" that "has a Martian Saturnian combined influence shown in dangerous and destructive."


If you seek for natal charts of famous terrorists, you will find they all have tense aspects between Mars, Pluto, Saturn and / or Lilith. Guido Fawkes e. g. had a beautiful "finger of God" (two quincunx) between Pluto, Saturn and Mars.
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According to the article, “Making of a First Lady/Lifelong Friends Recall Hillary Clinton’s Evolution”, published from the Chicago Sun-Times on January 17, 1993:

Early on Oct. 26, 1947, 28-yearold Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham arrived at Edgewater Hospital, 5700 N. Ashland, to deliver her first child.

Some 12 hours later, Dorothy and Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, 34, then a sales manager for the Barrett Textile Corp., welcomed Hillary Diane into the world.

They took her home, a few blocks away at 5722 N. Winthrop, but the Rodhams didn't stay in the apartment near Ardmore Beach for long.

The Rodhams moved to northwest suburban Park Ridge in 1951, to the two-story, seven-room Georgian they bought for about $21,500. This became home to Hillary and her brothers, Hugh and Tony, and now attracts sightseers.

If her mother, Dorothy Rodham, went into labor on the early morning of October 26, 1947 and didn’t deliver Hillary to 12 hours later, that would make Hilary’s birth time around late afternoon/early evening – if one defines the early morning any time before 9am.

I ran tests for 12 important events in Hillary’s life, using both Scorpio and Aries-rising charts. The 14° 11′ 41 Aries rising chart is the one that matched her more than the Scorpio chart did, overall – physiological-wise (especially the head shape [and particularly when she was younger]: bony ovate), personality-wise, life pattern wise, and progressed aspects wise.

She was the "first" of many accomplishments in her life, which is characteristic of Aries on the ASC.

For those interested in examining and testing it out for themselves, I posted the chart below.


Comparison of Hillary Clinton's natal aspects to that of the United States' Horoscope:


Incarnation Times for Hillary Clinton

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's horoscopes make very powerful aspects to the chart of the U.S.A. (It some aspects Donald Trump's is stronger, while in other aspects, Hillary Clinton's is stronger.)

With regard to the strongest progressed aspects on the date of the 2016 Presidential Election, it seems that Donald Trump will have the strongest aspects to his MC on that day, followed by Hillary Clinton second, and Bernie Sanders third.

Any additional insights or contributions from other astrologers would also be greatly appreciated.


That is an interesting rectification because of the Sun being in the 7th house. Her marriage has been one of the most impactful things in her life in terms of bringing her to the forefront. I think this chart could make sense.


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Hillary Clinton’s Birth Time :smile:

Any astrologer who has been following the United States 2016 presidential election
is aware of the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s hour of birth,
whether it is 8:00 a.m. or p.m.,
give or take a few minutes.

'.....I have experimented with both charts on and off since the early 1990s,
as Hillary Clinton tends to be constantly in the news.
It wasn’t until recently, perhaps because every year as a practicing astrologer we tend to learn more,
that it suddenly came to me: Her birth hour has to be the p.m. time.
Why is this? There are several reasons....'


First, due to long testing over many years,
I know that planets on the ascendant degree in all signs around the birth chart play a key role in the person’s life.
This point is referred to as the MEP or Most Effective Point in V.K. Choudhry’s Systems Approach system of astrology.
I don’t generally use that system, so the MEP only re-affirms
what I discovered through many years of astrological practice

Hillary Clinton’s pm chart places three key planets on those points:

(1) Sun on cusp 5 in trine to the ascendant and trine the M.C.
(2) Moon only minutes from (slightly rectified) cusp 10 in trine to
(3) Jupiter on cusp 6

The Moon and Jupiter are the Gauquelin planets for notable politicians.
The Sun, of course, signifies kings and rulers.


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Therese Hamiltons observations re: 8PM birthime for Hillary are very interesting :smile:

'......Second, the ascendant degree checks out in several interesting ways.
Assuming that Hillary’s birth time is in the vicinity of 8:00 pm,
a look at Indian shastyamsas (one 60th division of a sign) is interesting (Lahiri or Krishnamurti ayanamsa).
A birth time of 8:02 gives a (Krishnamurti) ascendant of exactly 7 degrees of Gemini
which is related to the God Shiva, not an especially suitable shastyamsa......'

But the 6°30 to 7° symbolism is suitable:

“Having great authority... majestic...having rulership over the western quarter” (DeLuce, Constellational Astrology),

“Those in professions of heads of villages, towns, municipalities” (P.S. Sastri, Textbook of Scientific Hindu Astrology)
A birth time of 8:01:30 p.m. gives a Krishnanmuti ascendant of 6°53 or Lahiri 6°47 Gemini,
and a Sagittarius navamsa ascendant with Jupiter in Virgo, the 10th.

The navamsa has several strong positions:
Mars in Capriocrn, Venus in Taurus and (natal ascendant lord) Mercury in Gemini.


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A third reason, after considering this ascendant I turned to the Internet for possible verification.
I discovered that K.N. Rao the preeminent research astrologer from India
stated that he received an 8 pm time in the 1990s :smile:

In taking Hillary Clinton astrologically,
I have found the horoscope given to me by some friends in [the] USA in 1994 or earlier

to be correct.
The time given was around 8 pm or 8:01 pm 26 October 1947.”

What is the source of that time? Further research on the Internet led me to the IndiaDivine site
where a user wrote regarding Hillary Clinton’s 8:00 pm chart:

“Sri K.N.Rao uses it based on his information through Maharshi Karve
(a living person in Mumbai, who predicts birth data, at mere look, through his siddis...”

'....After reading that comment, I recall from the 1990s learning that Mr. Karve had given a Gemini ascendant for Hillary.
At the time (as I remember) this seemed surprising to me,
although I knew Mr. Karve had an excellent track record of giving correct birth times.
I put the Gemini ascendant “on the table.”
Mr. Karve used to be an annual guest at USA Jyotish conferences in Pennsylvania.....'


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Therese Hamilton finds other supporting checks for
an 8:01:30 PM time of birth for Hillary :smile:

a navamsa/natal comparison with her husband Bill Clinton,
sidereal solar returns and enneads (the 40 day chart within each solar return period)
for key events in Hillary’s life, and dasas and sub periods which fit events.
There is also the potent yogakaraka relationship between ascendant lord Mercury with 5th lord Venus
aspected by 9th lord Saturn in ascendant lord Mercury’s mansion.

Solar return and ennead charts are the mathematical check and support for Hillary’s time of birth
readers of this thread interested in this theory may be interested to know that
a topic has been started in Skyscript Mundane Astrology and World Events
for the USA presidential election, within a few days Therese Hamilton will post some of these charts under that topic
for discussion to project success or failure from those charts.
The US Presidential election of 2016



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Why don't you look at Bill Clinton natal chart? Obviously, the natal chart of her husband must have some clear sinastric facts with hers.


With 8:02 a.m. Hillary's natal chart, Bill's Moon is in her house 7 in Tauro, Bill's Sun is very close to her MC in Leo, Hillary's Ascendant and Sun are in Bill's house 1 extended on Scorpio. imho.


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I'd say what we see in the news about her lately matches someone with Scorpio rising and 12th house Sun, not someone with Gemini rising and 5th House Sun.


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And then there was Monica...
Using a PM birth as correct, Therese Hamilton has calculated solar returns and Enneads for key events in Hillary's life.
One of these events was the day she heard definitely of her husband's dalliance with intern Monica Lewinsky.
Here is the Ennead (40 day period) for that time in Hillary's life.

Rules set forth by siderealist Cyril Fagan are followed in placing importance on planets near the angles
or closely aspecting the angles (Asc/Desc/MC/IC/NG--90 degrees from the ascendant).



Ennead (set for birth place):
Hillary learns the truth about Monica Lewinsky.

This chart speaks for itself. Saturn in its fall in Aries is directly on the Ennead ascendant in square to elevated Neptune.
Transiting Saturn is only two minutes from the opposition to natal Sun on the descendant (husband).
Transiting Ketu is on natal MC.

Mars and Venus are on the Ennead IC, opposing public Moon at the MC.

In Hillary's Gemini ascendant PM chart, Jupiter is lord of the 7th house.
Here in the Ennead chart natal Jupiter with Ketu
--Moon's south node--is in the 8th house, said to relate to sex.

Transiting Jupiter (natal 7th lord) is in the 12th house conjunct natal Moon in 10th. (Cusp as center of house)
This was a very public affair for Hillary.

The controversy continues as to which is correct :smile:
setting return charts for the birth place or location where the person is living.
My experience with sidereal return charts is that the birth place is always accurate,
but for key external events (such as elevation to the presidency),
planets that come to the angles in return charts apply to that event.
In the case of Monica Lewinsky, Hillary's Ennead birth place chart is more accurate
in dramatically telling the Lewinsky story.


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Oscar, you might want to have a look at this summary of predictions by professional astrologers: 8 for Trump, 28 for Clinton.


I've looked at Trump's, Clinton's, and US charts 6 ways to Sunday. While I think the election results will be close, and possibly even ambiguous or contested, I think Clinton will win. For starters, check out their solar arcs of Uranus to the MC on election day. Uranus signals a sudden change, and the MC is career and public image. What we would expect to be activated for a presidential candidate.


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Hillary's progressed demi-solar anlunar for 9:30 am, Sep 11 in NYC.

Not good aspects for anything.

When did Hillary go to a hospital today?


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I understand that the birthtime is unknown, but using the birth chart's the "work best for her" doesn't seem like a very scientific or objective formula.

Basically, if you go through all the different types of charts and house systems, there are bits and pieces from each one being thrown together to paint this overhwelming picture of a Hillary lead. They are now even in the polls, looking at many instead of just one; the reason so many astrologers are interpreting her victory is because so many astrologers are liberal.

There are some things wrong with the staticstical and ethical approach to deriving her chart data. A sample of astrologers, as open minded and ascended as many of you are - that is like - an observational study with one group of an extremely (albeit diverse) narrow segment of society with an above average level of enlightenment and perhaps even iq, where the outcomes are affected by belief systems just like an observational study... Only there's just one group.

I hear sometimes that there are two birthtimes and then i hear that it is between two birth times. A midpoint between the two charts in question makes more sense to me.

If her health is bad, i don't think that will make her unfit. It just naturally makes her look more vulnerable.

She gets out of and away with so much, I'm wondering if HC isn't a Libra/Cancer axis MC or Asc. They are like, -near bulletproof; fortunate if they are good people, but rotten and getting away with things if they are not - like mnay combos. If it's cancer, that probably explains why the U.S. Moon and Saturn are so forgiving for her.
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Dubya, are you familiar with methods of chart rectification? If not, it has to do with getting astrological "hits" on dates when something significant happened in the person's life. While I wouldn't call it scientific, it is very empirical. Oftentimes an astrologer will look at dozens of life events to make the call.