high and low financial charting


Hello could someone please assist me. I am looking at a financial index and for the point of the exercise I have cast a Geocentric chart for the top which came in on the 27th May 10.45am New York Time and then I cast another chart for the low at 3.05pm on the same date New York time trying to ascertain if there is any planetary connection between these two times. At the top Geo Mercury is at 24 Deg 30 " Gemini and at the time of the low the Moon is at approx 25 Deg Sagittarius seperating from opposition to the Moon which is when the low came in . But this aspect was exact at about 1.34pm one and a half hours before the low point when the Moon was at 24 Deg Sagittarius .I don't have a daily aspectarian or daily declination tables but was wondering if anyone was able to see if there was an exact parallel aspect at that time or any other aspects I may have missed . thanks grant