Hidden Talent in 12th house


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I have a pisces rising with an Aqaurius mars in 12th house. I wonder what my possible talents here?

Fantasy writing?
Teaching others about health related things or spiritual health related?


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Hi, I am not an astrologer but I read a lot about it, and I just wanted to say that I automatically imagined you as very physical, or you could get a lotttt of gratification from exercise. It's almost as if it's a huge release of what you carry psychologically. I was thinking that something like yoga, or kickboxing would be great for you...even teaching kickboxing or yoga might be great for you. Does this ring a bell at all? Lol sorry if it doesn't, it's just something I thought I'd say without giving it too much thought..sometimes it works


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Mars in 12th can have a secret talent for hiding motives, your motivations and actions seem different from what they actually are a.k.a concealing. Spying perhaps?

Alternatively, bringing out the hidden details of conflicts to resolve things.

Be careful though because the 12th also relates to our own neglect and ignorance

I actually heard that the 8th house relates to our secret powers, maybe power and talent are different?

For example, i have Gemini 8th, and i'm really good at jumping from different styles or pieces of information and knowledge to learn more about how the world works, i also have noticed throughout life enjoying the study of meta-learning, learning how to learn, this is something i feel has helped me gain a lot of insight, and insight is a nice power. The things i learn however i do not flaunt carelessly, so it's kind of a hidden possession?