Hi, so here is my chart for anyone willing to take a look and tell me what they see..


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Hi Marisa, Can you please be more specific?:unsure:
I see a person who has experienced great pain in their life, :chiron: wounds are very deep....maybe their father is gone or there is even violence in the home. :sun:- :uranus::square: :mars: H4 & a deep drive for 'home'.

Exceptional grace & beauty with :libra: placements, model, interior designer, fashion icon, could be a visible social influencer. Great ability to plan & implement career objectives which will be successful. Excellent negotiator.:jupiter::saturn::conjunct::libra:



Dear Blackberry thanks so much for your reply. I am not looking for anything specific, just I would love to read your thoughts or what do you see. It might be something that I have missed.

Certainly I have had my share of pain in life.
Mostly I am trying to understand since I remember myself. I always used to question everything and everyone and have this deep need to see through people and situations to get to the depths of everything and everyone.
I want to understand "what makes the world go round".

I do have a lot of grace and people tend to find me beautiful ☺️ which is not with what I identify myself with. I dont categorise myself according to my appearance. I always see through people and never cared about appearances.

Feel free to ask me anything.


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Hello! Fellow Virgo, here.

I really want to relay the importance of your Solar House position.

With your Sun in the 5th house you should read up everything you can about the 5th house, that is the area of life that you're going to find your most talent.

(I'm a 2nd house Virgo myself, and I do best with 2nd house stuff).

Added bonus, you have your (our) ruler, Mercury in the 5th house as well!

That's the first thing I would advise you of.


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Another question aren't Virgos in general a bit weirdos and complicated?

Not really. Virgos are quite ordinary and normal people. Some even say they're the most common of all signs. The sooner you accept this the better off you'll be in life. There is not a sadder sight than a Virgo trying to be something they're not.