Hi I'm new, hoping for some answers

hi, I'm new and not sure if I'm doing this right. I was hoping someone could help compare my chart to my boyfriends chart. We have been together for almost 6 years, a not always perfect 6 years. But we love each other very much. I suppose I want to know what most would after 6 years. When will he be ready for marriage. I am 33 and he is 31.
Please let me know if I did not do this right and how to fix it :) thank you


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You do have a number of positive and harmonious energies between you, although as with all relationships, there are lessons for both parties to be learned in this union; the purpose for relationships is to allow each to grow and progress as individuals.
There is a dynamic opposition between his Sun/Mars and your Venus/Neptune, representing a significant source of contention or disagreement; his sense of Identity can at times be undermined by deception or mistrust on your part; or perhaps your own insecurities make you more demanding of him. His Sun in Gemini expresses quite differently from your Sun in Scorpio, suggesting the potential for power struggles or issues relating to control. Here you need to find balance between the Sun in Air, while yours is in Water and that combination can be difficult to find unity in, without mutual understanding and effort. In both cases, the Sun highlights the significance of the 4th H, relating to emotions and experiences of the past in terms of how your early upbringing influences your relationship now.
With the Venus and Mars energies at odds, this too contributes to disagreement or conflict.
There may be times when you feel he is not living up to your expectations; with Venus and Neptune involved this might suggest potential betrayals of trust, lack of faith or suspicions that can interfere with maintaining unity; trust, sincerity and faith are all connected with the aims of Sagittarius; Sun in Scorpio is often challenged by emotional intensity, jealousy or obsessive tendencies and lessons are largely the result of personal insecurities or fear.

Sun in Gemini is typically much less emotional and more superficial, by nature, than the Sun in Scorpio: do you ever feel that he is perhaps downplaying the significance of your emotions
or minimizing your feelings? Does he have difficulty with your probing, penetrating manner of dealing with emotions.
I am sure that you are aware that undertaking a full synopsis of a your relationship requires a great deal of time, effort and $, so these are just some brief notes of what could be problematic in your relationship; You are coming towards a specific cycle of Saturn, known as the 7-year itch, which is perhaps the reason for your queries at this time. Thus, at this time the question is about what you feel may be wrong about the relationship, and what is it that keeps you together.
As per marriage, that analysis is also very complex, and requires paying attention to the upcoming cycles and transits that will trigger your personal planetary configurations into action. You might be more specific about what it is you are wanting to know about.


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I'm also hesitant making any conclusions based on what I see between the charts, in the composite and other things I looked at. One thing I'll mention is that I looked at your solar return and you have Venus conjunct the Sun and Moon this year. If you're living in NYC this is in your 4th house of home and family. I'm thinking you're in the mood for love (or a family) and the biological clock may be ticking.

I did wonder about whether you feel you're in a caretaker role in the relationship which he's very fine with. Also is he just holding out because he's "not sure" if this his "meant to be" relationship? Really I think 3 years ago would have been when your charts were in sync for a marriage. I can see the Juno/Jupiter solar arc you had 6 years ago that probably brought the partnership together.

Anyway - you know best about what's really going on.
Thank you so much Kimbermoon and Kite,
You are right he is not much for emotions and I definitely voice mine. I am very much the caretaker but enjoy it, it's just my nature and who I am. We had a very rocky start and a lot of trust issues sort of a long story. I would say that because of that he wasn't sure but now it is more of a money issue and not being where he wants to be financially. But of course those things don't matter to me, and yes the clock ticking feeling is definitely a reason, but I now live in Southampton. He was in a very bad accident almost 4 years ago witch may have disrupted what you see from 3 years ago in his chart because he was still recovering. I still have hope that he will be ready sooner then later. I just don't want years to pass and still be in the same place. Thank you again for taking the time to read my chart


hi queen

oi ran the composite chart and I must say it has some very unique aspects.
pluto is conjunct the vertex exactly and sextile to Neptune.
this shows an amazing emotional sensitivity. it laso shows that you ha e a strong healing affect on each other . this is a supportive and nurturing aspect. but the vertex an be difficult to intergrate into a chart. by that I mean ,these spontaneous sensitivities between you may not lead to a more intimate emotional understanding.

then, Saturn is sextile to lilth which shows there is a underlying emotional "commitment". this gives a clam feeling of faithfulness.

a potential problem is pluton ther vertex. usually in a composite ,this aspect dooms a relationship because of a inherent and unconscious selfishness. but with the Neptune sextile, this may be harmonized

psyche is conjunct to venus giving ther deeply "spitirtual. idealized love.
with mars/venus midpoint square to uranus,there is also a intensely emotional/physical/psychic electricity between you. but honestly , ursanus squares can lose their "special emotional" qualities after a few years

Thank you Rahu for taking the time to look at my chart. Seems like it could go either way from what I'm hearing. Hoping to move forward in 2015 in my relationship. Happy new year everyone