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Hey everyone,

I'm Vardigon (by nickname), a 20-year-old guy living on the East Coast of the USA. I'm interested in astrology (as of now, hehe), technology, fantasy, reading (a lot), psychics -- and physics, and the idea of "human potential." If I charm you for information, it might be because my Mercury and Venus are conjuncted :p. So don't be shy, just empty your brains here into this bucket and I'll be on my way ;)....



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Welcome to our Forum Vardigon! and thank you for introducing yourself.
I hope you will find it interesting . As you can see, there are many different topics you can participate in.
We have 4 moderators who are here to assist any member who might have some sort of problem. (under our username you will see the word "moderator", so you know. Feel free to PM (Private Message) us when this should be the case.

All the best!
Cheers, Starlink


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inhuman_meow said:
What's up, Vardigon? (<-- first attempt at an informal greeting, lol.)

What books do you like to read?
Anything dealing with Psychology, Linguistics, Fantasy (i have over 50 paperbacks I've accumulated since 8th grade), Science (i like the theory, but I haven't come to enjoy the math that much.) Programming is sorta fun. With psychology, I like the classics -- which basically means Jung. As far as languages go, I tend to lean toward Latin and Greek, classical stuph ;). And Norse, French, that kinda thing. I haven't actually gotten up the consistency to truly learn in-depth any of these things though. I've been looking for direction in my life. I also love reading about anything that corresponds to actualizing human potential. Neurolinguistic Programming, consciousness, awareness, perception, psychics, meditation. All of this is pretty fun for me. I hope subject matter is enough, because I haven't read any true books lately, just gotten a bunch of stuff off the Internet :).

Jung and Fantasy are fun because of the symbolism that's embedded in all of it. I like mythology, especially Norse mythology, Greek mythology. I can feel the strain of human nature flowing through it, and I think we could learn a lot from that sorta stuff. The underlying patterns of reality :>.