Hi from a Swedish astrologer!

I just signed up on this forum, delighted to see that it's so active. I'm a Swedish astrologer and author, with some books on the subject published in Sweden, the first one already in 1979. In English, so far, I've only published one astrology book, about medical astrology: Your Health in Your Horoscope. I plan to publish more, when I find the time...

In my astrological work, I guess I'm rather traditional (not to say conservative), staying with the Ptolemy basics as he treated them in Tetrabiblos. Twelve signs, five major aspects, twelve equal houses, and usually no more than the celestial bodies he knew plus Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Those ingredients are enough for a lifetime - mine, anyway.

I like mundane astrology, too. I even wrote a book published in 1999 with predictions for the whole third millennium (only in Swedish, though). My website has some mundane material - see the link below.

Usually I work with the whole horoscope chart, but lately I've had increasingly fun with the sun signs, as examples of basic "archetypes" of astrology. Still, there's just nothing like digging into the complete horoscope chart.

Now, I look forward to some exchange of ideas with you older members of this forum. Have patience if this newcomer states the obvious or unknowingly repeats what's been said hundreds of times already - and bare with me if I get it wrong. I have a Gemini Mercury, so it happens that I speak before thinking.

Stefan Stenudd

My Swedish astrology website:


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Hey there Stefan Stenudd and welcome aboard!

Wow, publishing an astrology book is by no means an easy task, you must be very good in astrology!

Hope the community here can benefit from your presence.



Hi there Stefan i just registered here myself & i have the same name as you (Steve) so i see this as a synchronous confirmation that i made a good decision. I dont have any practical working knowledge of astrology, why im here i suppose, but i have a very good understanding of psychic astrology through meditation introspection and watching nature all my life.
May you find this a pleasant habitat ..
Tjena! Hoppas at du tycker om det har!
Lol, my Swedish is rusty! Welcome to the board!
Wow, that was a surprise! I guess you've lived in Sweden, otherwise I can't imagine how you got around to learning the language. It's spoken by only nine million, and we're all struggling with it...
Wow, publishing an astrology book is by no means an easy task, you must be very good in astrology!
Well, at least I imagine that I am...

Actually, with books it's kind of funny: it's not necessarily the ones knowing the subject the best who write the best books about it. They need first of all to be skilled at the craft of writing books.
Or so I tell myself, to defend my meddling in various subjects.
Indeed, lived in Kalmar for ~10 years when I was a child.
I was in Kalmar for a few days in May, at the Swedish national aikido seminar. I took a bunch of photos, strolling around in the center of it, aiming to post them on my website soon. Nice town, probably a bit more continental than when you lived in it.
Anyway, hit me with your chart when you feel like it.