Hi from a Sagittarius!!


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Hello everyone! I'm excited to be here, I love forums! I'm pretty new at astrology but I've been absorbing lots of information off of my friend who knows much more :biggrin: I'm from the midwest, USA and have been here my whole life but as a Sagittarius you can imagine I fell in love with another culture and plan to move there! I've always loved Japan and spent last year there and I'll be moving back there more permanently end of next year with my husband.

I'm a Sag sun, Pisces moon, Aquarius rising :w00t:

Nice to meet everyone!!

PS- I'm totally not listening to Part of Your World from the Little mermaid and eating copious amounts of chocolate :bandit:


Hallu~~~Sagittarius!! welcome to the forum :D
hope you enjoy around here

And i totally not listening to summer of 69 and eat bacon, because Bacon it's good for me :whistling::rightful:

I'm just kidding haha!, have a great day :biggrin:
Hey you! I'm also a sag sun and Pisces moon, can't wait to hear from people to analyze this combo because I find myself floating. It's nice having that depth to compliment the philosophical nature. Part of your world is up there in my top 5 Disney songs too(Pisces influence ? )