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I play a different character every year because we have a different theme every year, with storyline and everything. Last year I was in a morph suit in a room full of animatronic mannequins.

One of my favorite recent horror movies in Insidious. I always jump at the scene with the demons face even though I've seen it several times. Haven't seen the second one yet. Also I know it's old but I love the original Psycho.

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Sorry i've been a little busy (and forgetful) but I really did want to make time for my Capricorn. So you were in a morph suit eh :wink: ? are you trying to suggest something or have I got the wrong end of the stick ?

I remember insidious , I admit the demon managed to get me a little bit but the build up was a bit too long for me so I was simply too tired and out of focus to be scared. I haven't seen Psycho, I have a feeling it would be similar to Jason.

If you have the time would you mind taking a look at this video:


I've stumbled across many of these videos before but this time I finally watched one and I still don't know what to think about it. Could it be true ? I would like to have a second opinion if you don't mind. It's quite long, took me 3-4 days to get through it


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Well just reading what it's about I can give you my opinion without feeling I need to watch it since I have been acquainted with someone who believes in a lot of the government conspiracy, illuminati stuff. My thoughts are that there is corruption in governments but I think it all mostly has to do with money and who has it. Big corporations do run a lot of the world but I don't really think it's just one secret group of people behind everything pulling all the strings. To me that would almost make it too simple. It just all depends on who can get in power and who has the most money and how much can they get away with without being caught.

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My name is Ashley, I am a Capricorn and obviously very interested in Astrology and how it works in our lives. :) Just wanted to say HI!:biggrin:

Hello Ashley! Astrology works is so many ways in our lives, I've also learned it can help discover more about yourself. Happy learning ^^

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