hi everybody


First of all, I would like to apolgize to the community for not introducing myself in this section before the first post.

I'm blindowl, and I have recently started to slowly reconnect to the spiritualy side: my new interest in not-mainstream astrology seems like a natural step in that direction. I hope to be able to learn here!


Hi lundan!

Mercury conjunct Uranus
Sun conjunct Neptune, sextile Mars and Pluto
Mars sextile Neptune, trine Pluto, square Saturn
Moon square Pluto...

I'm a Cap sun, Acq moon, Leo rising btw

what about you? :smile:
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I'm a Leo sun, cancer moon mars and Venus,virgo mercury, and scorpio rising! And too many aspects lol
Is there anything in particular about astrology that interests you?
I don't think I would be so self aware if why I do the things I do (positive and negative) if it weren't for it, you know?


Yep, I see your point! It seems there's plenty of fuel for self awareness in astrology. Regarding your question: everything! :biggrin: ... I am still very very very new, so I probabily don't know what I don't know and there's a lot of homework to do already in that regard! :wink: