Hey this is my birth chart


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What do you see in my chart about loneliness?
clearly you are experiencing loneliness
however keep in mind that a natal chart
cannot over-rule factors such as a worldwide pandemic :smile:
you may be experiencing
the consequences of social distancing
lockdowns and so on
which are causing worldwide feelings of isolation
for all age groups

your natal chart has a CAPRICORN ascendant
your natal saturn is located in 7th house OPPOSING your ascendant
in conjunction with Venus, Sun, Mercury all opposing your ascendant

11th House of friends is MARS-ruled
Mars is ruler of SCORPIO
natal Mars is located in 3rd House in the domicile aka home of JUPITER
PISCES is ruled by Jupiter
It's likely you may benefit from Mindfulness Meditation
worth checking out free online




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What do you see in my chart about loneliness?

Was it always like this - or more and stronger in the last time ?

Venus rules your 4th house- your emotions, is natally conjuncted by saturn in 6th house - a lonely child and childhood -you felt to have to do a lot to get attention of your mother.(venus =mother -6th- to work on )

And additionally your natal venus is since February is still transited by saturn. Saturn transits on personal planets often cause a feeling of loneliness. But this transit is going to end now- soon.



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Are you fixed on whole sign system ?
Most astrologers here use placidus.

No. i am not
there are more than thirty different house systems

PLACIDUS is simply the DEFAULT

Luís Ribeiro explains :smile:


more info about Luis and his work:

in western astrology - beginning with an historical timeline
showing WHEN different forms of house division were introduced
WHO the earliest sources are that mention them :smile:

the time periods in which they reached the peak of their popularity.
Focus is in particular on the rationale
whole sign houses
equal houses
Porphyry houses

not necessarily to advocate for any one system

which was better to use in practice
to help astrologers understand how the cusps are divided :smile:
according to each approach.

Honestly, I don't even look at houses all that much.
I find they are to delineation what transits are to time-lords.

Valens states that the Moon invisible is one sign

that the native will not marry.
Venus' condition is also important.

Being in Saturn's bounds can produce cold or odd relationships
(bound lord as physical manifestation of planet)

while Mars' poor condition
shows that they will not last

(the quality Venus has to work with).

It is probably best to remember that
we are reading a natal chart
and not a horary, from my observation of others
and in my own experience, an over-dependancy on houses
as the initial method of delineation
leads to erroneous conclusions.

Houses can be useful for fine-tuning the context of the planets and Lots
and can sometimes give some valuable information
but they will never supercede a planet.
Too often have I seen it said

and said myself
that a planet in the 7th adds a certain quality to the relationships
only to be completely wrong
and then to discover that Venus tells the story beautifully. :)


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What do you see in my chart about loneliness?

In modern astrology, Saturn, particularly Saturn which is not operating optimally, by say, sign or house, is often connected with loneliness or a sense of isolation. Your natal Saturn is in a weaker cadent house, the 6th, and also not comfortable in the sign of Cancer, the sign of its detriment. It is also ruled by a 12th house Moon, which by itself can also point to sense of exclusion or loneliness.
The scope the 12th house Moon extends to its rulership of your entire your Cancer stellium.

Yours is a very watery chart, so you are feeling oriented to begin with and so may be more sensitive the feelings of loneliness than others.

But all is not lost. Truly.

There are many ways to be in this world. Over time, as you learn to cultivate rich personal activities for yourself, being generously of service to others, for example, then paradoxically, others will be drawn into your sphere. There is a difference between being lonely and being alone.
That is probably a good difference to reflect upon as your young, precious life continues to unfold.

I am truly wishing you the best,
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If you prefer whole sign house system - you will have to wait for a whole-sign- reader

Just to share, while the chart is displayed in whole signs, the cusps of the houses are shown at the very bottom of the table with the planetary positions.


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Hi dear :)

I looked at your chart and yes you do have surely issues with lonliness.

1. You have Chiron on the ascendent. Chiron being the wounded one, one has issues with self-image which get better with age and healing. Chiron on the asdendant makes a person an "open nerve." Very sensitive to everything.

2. Saturn and Venus are conjunct in your house of relationships. This tells me relationships have a tremendous importance to you. Saturn and Venus makes inhibition and sense of not being fulfilled in relationship. Everytime Saturn affects the 7th house, it delays relationship. But once you get it, you could not be happier.

3. I am a vedic astrologer, so your chart ruler falls in the 8th house, house of crisis, secret and transformation. This gives off an appereance of someone hidden and kept to themselves. Also in western look, your first lord would be in 7th house, which would make relationship with other humans your life focus.

4. Having the Moon and South node with Pluto in the 12th. This gives a sense of enjoying isolation and exploring the hidden depths of the Universe from there. Moon in the 12th has a person perplexed about their own feelings.

This is a very quick look at you chart. I also suffer from lonliness so I understand you. The world is the most disconnected than it has ever been. So I send much love towards you and emotional fullfillment regarding realtionships :) Do not worry, it is all gonna be good!