He's Giving Me A Bad Feeling


So I'm moving in with my dad sometime around late March transitioning into April. These past few years I have realized my dad is straight delusional and likes to gaslight. The thought of moving in with him has bothered me until now. I was wondering if there was anything, I guess, alarming that's in our synastry?

I'm on the inside. Thanks in advance.


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If I'm reading the bi-wheel correctly, you don't have an accurate birth time for Dad, and are using noon as his default birth time. (??) If this is so, then we can't use houses for him. However, Dad has an Aquarian Mars conjunct Neptune, sextiling his Aries sun. It looks to me like his Aries Mercury makes no major aspects to his other planets.

Aries and Aquarius are two "I gotta be me" signs. Mars is the assertive planet. Neptune is a planet that can give beautiful ideals and creativity-- but it can also confer self-deception and disillusionment. Neptune doesn't deal in reality. Then Aquarius is an air sign, meaning that its primary form of expression is mental (vs. say, practical earth.) The primary expression of a fire sign like Aries is initiative and enthusiasm.

Then an unaspected planet is kind of a wild child of the horoscope. It's not socialized by major aspects with other planets that could modify its "I gotta be me" expression.

So if we put these together, we could see how Dad might be enthusiastically taken with ideas that seem ungrounded from reality.

Your synastry looks pretty reasonable to me. Sagittarius is one of the fire signs, so your paired Aries and Sagittarius planets are basically trined (harmonious.) Your moons (emotional natures) are sextiled (harmonious.)

You say Dad is "delusional." This could be anything from being a conspiracy theorist to having real mental health risks. Can you say more about that?


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You two both have your ruling planets exactly conjunct each other. You'll probably never realize how profound that is, but it basically means you are karmically attached (I know, obviously, right?)

Also, bottom line, you are both fire signs, what do you expect?