Here's a question when will I meet my first girlfriend?


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Never had a GF before.


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Never had a GF before.


if you never had a GF before- this seems to have a certain and mostly as well meant reason from a certain point of view.

Your chart looks like that your male energy and physical radiance - people and women can notice from you - is not much clear - some shy and inhibited. And that you probably first need some transit support to open up more.

Mars ruling your 5th house - male energy and male sexual attractiveness and love and romance is in cautious econonomic analytic mental sign of virgo in 9th house - main ruled by moon as female principle and is squared by jupiter as your 2nd house ruler- setting boundaries and to defend yourself. 5th house also show father as first male model role to act as a man and father experience in childhood. Mars squaring jupiter show a father probably disrespecting your boundaries - you felt yourself as not worthy for.

Your natal mars in 9th house also squares your venus as your relationship house ruler. And venus as a female principle in a male principle 1st house - can show a gender irritation - effecting your encountering people and relationship area - 7th house.

With venus in 1st conj. jupiter in 1st- and jupiter ruling your 2nd house- house of self-protection - both squared by mars - you probably feel yourself quickly attacked and as not good enough. Jupiter squaring saturn in 4th house as main ruler of 3rd house - also house of siblings and sibling relationship having an influence on your communication with others as well. Venus in 1st sextiling mercury in aquarius in 3rd house show that you are noticed by others as different and not as really clear what your own gender is.

With sun, neptune and uranus in your 2nd house - you are most of the time more busy to protect yourself and to defend your own territory and space - than to open up for others and are lacking self trust - with sun not having a house of it's own -co-ruling 9th house with intercepted leo.

To meet a girlfriend for love and romance is a question of transit activation of your mars as ruler of your 5th house. To start a relationship is a question of transit-activation of your 7th house ruler- your venus. And for a long term relationship your mercury ruling your 8th house has to be transit-activated first.

But mercury ruling 8th house is also about subconsciously stored memory and fears of the past - what can get up again. And your memory with mercury ruling 8th (mercury pluto correspondence energy) is like an elephant - remembering every tiny detail of bad experiences.

On June 21/2021 transit jupiter as your self-protection house ruler will nearly exact start to oppose and to activate your mars - challenging you for an opening up for love and romance - lasting until Jan next year and afterwards will activate your venus - ruling relationship.

Just wait and see what happens.