help with sun/moon midpoint

hi everyone! i'm relatively new to astrology--i didn't get into it until about a year ago, and i still wouldn't consider myself anywhere NEAR advanced in understanding it. but nonetheless, i find it absolutely FASCINATING, and every time i try to interpret my chart there's somethng new i discover. :D

today i found out about the sun/moon midpoint, only i really have a very vague idea of what it means... i think i calculated it correctly:

my sun is in 9 Vir 17
and my moon is is 26 Vir 26

and from that i got my midpoint to be around 17.5 Vir 21.5

does anyone know what this means and/or how to interpret it? is the sun/moon midpoint a big part in a person's natal chart?

thanks to anyone in advance who can help me. i'm really glad that i found this message forum and i hope to learn a lot more about astrology! :p


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Hi Sugarflame the midpoint is 18 degrees Virgo (Sabian degree which rounds the minutes up).

Each degree has a meaning that was received by a Psychic in the 1920's the meaning for this degree is:

TWO EXCITED YOUNG GIRLS EXPERIMENT WITH A OUIJA BOARD Human desire for contact with the beyond. Inquiry. Restless questioning of superficial facts of being. Immature curiosity.
___*When positive, the degree is cleverness in making use of everyday insights and intimations, and when negative, a bondage to superstition and a surrender to the unknown.

Midpoints are usually activated by planetary transits and through contacts with other people's charts. Right now Jupiter is at 18 Scorpio which is sextile your Sun/Moon midpoint which may be why your are trying to expand your mind in this area right now.

Have fun with your studies.

that's kind of creepy. XD thanks, kite. :wink: yeah, i remember reading that the midpoint's characteristics are brought out by another person, or something like that. and that's really cool how Jupiter's sextile to my midpoint right now. thanks for your help!