Help with interpreting a friends chart.


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Hey all,

So my friend has cast this chart. She wants to know if anything romantic will happen between her and a guy she likes. Even though I am trying:unsure:to read it she is the one that cast so she is represented by first house right?

So here is what I have so far. Corrections welcome and I will happily update on anything that does happen.

So she as first house:

Scorpio- (traditional ruler -Mars) So she is in the fourth house in pisces. her co sig the moon is in the ninth.

Him- Can a man be Venus??? I got confused here...

Stricture: Saturn is in the first. Do I stop here and say it is an unreadable chart where do you all stand on this? Is it just a warning to take into consideration or is it a definite don't read this? Maybe the universe knew I was going to practise on it and decided it was an unreadable chart based on my rookie status :lol::biggrin:

Thanks in advance :love:


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If she cast the Chart, then yes, it is a structure against judgement. If someone else did. Expect delays.

P.S. Haven't looked at the chart cos you mentioned saturn in first.


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Thanks..No she did. So much for getting some practise with friends charts haha! Appreciate your response :happy:


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The planets are symbolic: a man can be represented by venus and a woman by mars.

She = Mars (1st house) / Moon (co-signifier)
Him = Venus (7th house)

Mars in the sign of exaltation of venus, completly infatuated with the guy.

Venus is in the triplicity of mars. This is a good reception towards mars. She likes him much more, but it would appear the guy likes her too.

Venus applying conjunction with mars would seem to point out to a yes.


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Thanks Dirius super helpful as always. Yes she is infatuated!! will update if anything happens :)

Do you disregard the 'Saturn in the first' rule?


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I think she herself wouldn't be able to judge the chart well with Saturn in first house. If it's the astrologer who casts the chart, s/he should be wary if saturn is in the seventh. But in general, saturn in first = delays. Someone experienced (Dirius might tell us if it is does represent delays indeed.


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Thanks Amie,

That would make sense as she has never seen a chart in her life:) I suppose when one person casts but another reads certain things would be looked at differently.

But does that mean any chart with Sat in first could be read by someone else?:unsure:



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Not sure... Yes, I guess? I don't see why someone else can't read the chart. Hmm... But I am new to this. Still learning. And lots of practitioners (even in the forum) say strictures are just to make you more cautious, that there is no chart that cannot be read..


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I personally don't make much fuzz about saturn placement.

The logic behind it is that, saturn being the "great malefic", will cause problems in whatever house it is placed, and tends to mean some sort of delay or problem.

Yet that doesn't necessarily imply that it will prevent the event from happening.

Furthermore in this situation, saturn is far from the ascendant, in a different I wouldn't pay much attention to it. At most it signifies something concerning the 1st house, but not really something that would prevent the relationship from flourishing.


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Thanks Dirius, I think from what you have said it may represent her fear of approaching him or making the move.


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The next part of the Story!

So he has not shown much interest in her so far she cast another chart asking how will the relationship come about (tbh she is really shy around him probably what dirius was saying about sat in first with the previous chart maybe she comes over as stern/unapproachable or just to reserved to make move)

She is Saturn in Sag in the tenth (perhaps he sees/talks to her at work or through work -this could well fit)
He is Moon in Scorpio in the seventh.

Moon is square saturn. Which shows I think it won't be an easy path or there will be obstacles to be overcome I read this doesn't bode well for a long term result ?

So here is my query. Prob getting ahead of myself here but if I don't try I won't learn! :) The houses are very obviously moving through different signs (enclosed) Which I read means you read the horary as a series of progressions in the story ie how it will develop? How do I make that flow would anyone mind giving an example?

Also do I take the other planets in 1st and 7th as signifiers too?

If so we have:

Her mercury sextile herself. (He likes her personality the way she expresses herself?)

Her co sig sun opposite his jupiter in Leo (again not a soft easy aspect)
Her co sig neptune opposite him (moon)
Her co sig venus opposite him (moon)


So I can only get to the point wherby it seems that it is a tough road to get there. There is definitely an attraction and potential. I don't think it would be long lasting but then I could be wrong as he is in the seventh?!

In terms of reading the story of the road to get there..and possible timings I am schtunkered!


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So I have been doing a bit more reading.

It seems as though these oppositions usually mean in a relationship horary a getting together and then a split. However seeing as the question is 'how will the relationship come about?' This is quite possibly an indication of how the relationship will come about rather than the actual relationship which I think is where I was going wrong before.

So I would say it would come about linked in some way to her work. He sees her in her work environment.(Jupiter the great benefic (Retro) is in the 7th he is square her midheaven where her saturn is)

Him (moon) is trining Pluto in the 12th. - He wants to keep the relationship under the radar at first?

Then all of these oppositions play out from his moon and jupiter in 7th to the planets and therefore her co sigs in the first.

It seems to mean there may not be one connection between them but several connections and breaking away obviously an intense attraction but something is keeping them from being stable together I think?

I don't know it all seems heavy and dramatic to me!! What do you think guys?

Appreciate your help :) xx