Help with horary interpretation - will these two people end be together?


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Pulled this chart for a friend to practice im very new to horayr.
can anyone help with interpretation for comparison purposes please?
i know a late ascendatn cant be read but is 26 degrees asc still readable?
in this instance the querent has asked if the man shes involved with shell end up with this year?
back story is they've been seeing each other on and off for just over a year now its been complicated cos he has a child with his ex who wasnt happy when she found out he was seeing someone new and there was a lot of drama in the last year due to that which seems to be dwindling down now that its been a while and hes left the country
he's currently living in a different country all together but they still maintain their connection and talk very frequently with plans to see eachother again in the next few months


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The Ascendant isn’t late and even if it was the chart would still be readable, it would just show that the querent knows the answer or something is going to change.

She is Mercury and the Moon which are combust so she isn’t seeing things clearly. Mercury receives the Sun in exaltation and triplicity but doesn’t receive Jupiter at all, she is more in love with his ‘man stuff’ than him personally. He as Jupiter receives Mercury in detriment and fall which shows he doesn’t like her personality and receives Venus in exaltation which shows he likes her ‘woman stuff’ but as it is by exaltation this is something that doesn’t last. Their interest in each other would appear to be purely sexual, especially as the Moon, Sun and Mercury are all in the sign of Mars which naturally rules lust and desire.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all intercepted in the 7th house which could show this is a hidden relationship or that they feel hemmed in by it.

There are no aspects between the main significators Mercury and Jupiter but the Moon does apply to conjunct the Sun. The Moon is weak so doesn’t have much strength to act and as the connection isn’t with the main significator it doesn’t look like this would be anything more than a fling. Neptune is conjunct the 7th house cusp showing possible deceit and Jupiter is also applying to conjunct Neptune in his turned 12th house – he may well be hiding something from her or something isn’t quite what it appears to be.