Help with dream interpretation


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Usually I am quite skilled at interpreting my own dreams, but occasionally one comes along which confuses me.

Before I begin, I frequently have dreams in which I am not involved in what is going on, but am observing. This is one such dream.

I was walking past a parked car which seemed to have flames coming out of it - perhaps in the region of the petrol tank. Standing next to the car was a very large blue bear (like the American brown bear, only blue!!) and it was sucking out all the petrol from the car's tank. I tried to shoo it away, but I was afraid of its immense size, and it was not paying any attention to me anyway.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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well i will try, since it was not you in the car, this dream relates to a situation-not yours! that you will be aware of but will not be able to do anything about it.


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Thank you for your interpretation, michel12.

I subscribe to the belief - I think it is part of the Jungian dream theory - that all parts of the dream refer to the dreamer. I believe that the `observer' situation I took in this dream, and others, is because I feel distant from the situation and/or lack clarity.


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hi there R4VEN :D
I just wanna ask if you ever had a dream that has a continuation on the next day?
i'm just curious, because it always happen to me :D


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What a cool dream.
I think the blue bear is a deity form of you. The flaming car is a path of yours that is actually going up in flames. The bear is drinking the fuel that feeds the flames. So that enlightened part of you is minimizing the potentially damaging effects of something (a significant part I would surmise) that is leaving your life.
What do you think?


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Kuntuzangmo, thank you so much for your interpretation. I am very impressed!! I had not known how to view the bear, even though blue tends to be the colour of spirituality (just remembered this fact this morning). In the dream the bear was a really brilliant blue - almost an electric blue, but lighter.

Your interpretation makes a lot of sense to me. I am actually at a healing-turning-point in my life which I have been trying to achieve for almost 20 years!! I am also aware - just - of a part of me which does not feel comfortable with change, and is satisfied with the way things are - thus, the fire, I guess. Thanks again. I could feel that it was a `cool dream', but I was too close to it to be objective about it.

sleepy7, in answer to your question, I used to have this happen when I was younger. Nowadays I notice that if I get up or wake up during a really important dream, I generally finish it once I get back to sleep.