Help with composite/synastry Virgo & Scorpio couple here


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Can someone please help with explanation/interpretation or link to free sites are welcomed. Thanks.

September 5, 1976
Birthplace latitude longitude: Jakarta, Indonesia 6 16 S 106 48 E
Birthtime 9 a.m regional time

November 21, 1981
Birthplace Shanghai, China 31 10 N 121 28 E
Birthtime unknown

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the composite chart has difficult aspects.

satrun square to neptune indicates that he is not being truthul about the relationship in some way.though he seems to have financial power,there may be weakness here that he is hiding.

uranus is square to jupiter ,this makes a relationship unstable and likely to breakup

the moon/saturn midpoint is conjunct to the sun showing there is serious and devoted feeling here.

but with pluto conjunct to the sun,there is an inherent distance and coldness.

with mars and vensus in a 3/20th harmonic,the relationship will take much work to keep it smoothly going as this aspect shows that minor differences can cause big problems.with mercury quintile to jupiter,there again are contenious mental energies and words and thoughts must be clearly stated as arguments are likely with imprecise wording.

there just seem to be many small difference that will make this a difficult relationship if at all.