Help Understanding my Boss.


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I was hoping someone could help me understand why my boss and I click so well together. I have never in my life has such an absolutely amazing Supervisor!! His north node conjuncts my south node. His South node, conjuncts my North Node. His hiring me completely changed my life for the better. He trained me gently giving me lots of encouragement, and really boosted my self confidence. He has also recommended me for a promotion after just 2 months! I don't have his actual birth time... but I want to understand more about why we connect so well astrologically. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me. I am not sure which chart to post because I do not have his actual birth time.

I added His Chart and My Chart..... Even though I do not have his birth time. This man changed my life so much giving me this job, and also wanting to see me do well. I feel he has been such a blessing to my life, and I am wondering where the stars indicate that connection...... besides Jupiter currently being in my 7th house)

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Here are is my chart, and his chart (without the birth time) He is the warmest Leo I have ever in my life, met!


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