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Astrodienst is very generous with its aspects. Using a more conservative measurement of the angles you do not have a grand trine. However you DO have a T-square focused on Sagittarius (expansion, also wisdom) modifying Neptune (spirituality, also confusion) focused in the 1rst house (being). This indicates that there is a focus on knowing more about yourself and your spirituality, although this search for spiritual knowledge could cause confusion.

Also interesting is you have a cradle which focuses your energy on the left side of your chart (self), indicating you may focus intensely on yourself without being aware of others. To ensure you are aware of others, practice "stepping back from yourself" to focus on others. And a small correction: you have Leo modifying Jupiter instead of Cancer modifying Jupiter.

More about aspect patterns here:

On the square,



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I also feel that AstroDienst are a bit too generous with their orb allowances. I notice that there is a facility by which the orbs can be decreased by certain percentages, however, reducing this percentage does not tell you what the new orb allowances will actually be as a result. By what percentage would you recommend that the orbs are reduced to make these orbs reasonably more tight. What would you use?

Apparently these are the orbs most commonly agreed upon to be acceptable, which I believe are the Ptolemaic orbs:

Sun - 15'
Moon - 12'
Mercury - 7'
Venus - 7'
Mars - 7'
Jupiter - 9'
Saturn - 9'

Moderns attributed to - 5'

Hence an acceptable orb between Venus and Jupiter: 7' + 9' = 16', divided by 2 gives 8', hence 8' is the acceptable orb between Venus and Jupiter aspects. To me these orbs seem reasonable and workable.

By what percentage should I decrease the orb allowances in order to accord most closely to these orbs? Do you know?

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Orbs are a VERY sensitive subject with astrologers and highly debatable. the orbs I use are:
Lights (Sun and Moon)
Sextile and Trine - 7
Conjunction, Square and Opposition - 10
Quincunx - 5

Non-lights (other 8 planets)
Sextile and Trine - 5
Conjunction, Square and Opposition - 8
Quincunx - 3

I have not bothered to try to "fix" Astrodienst but instead have a home astrology program on which I create my charts.