Help to Go to sleep peacefully thinking things will get better soon.


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Please Help to Go to sleep Hoping things will get better soon

One very kind human being helped me with this chart. I am going through immense trouble and uncertainty. This is due to lose of employment and not being able to find employment. I got some help and the that will run out by end of March if my calculations are right. I have being trying to find something in the same trade but has failed. I come very close but loose it at the last moment. For the last three months I have got only one interview.

I have being flexible with my decision making but still no result.
During this time I have got very religious and god fearing. I was very religious and faithful before, but 2 years ago I lost faith and started questioning god and religion? That probably during the last period of Rahu. I have learned my lessons. I want to help others and share my professional knowledge,my wisdom with everyone ells than even before. I have got tremendous will power and confidence during this period.

Please help me to read these charts and give me your predictions. This will help me a lot. It will give me means to Go to sleep peacefully thinking things will get better soon.

Please read my attached charts and help me out.
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