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I know i am imposing on the kindness of you people. Here people come with problems of their own. I have come with others' problems. But I believe I will be forgiven, because I mean well.I am depressed myself, and all my friends have intense problems as well. Call it luck, or bad luck! I believe in astrology and other branches of spirituality can help us a lot.They are not the ONLY help, but they ARE help.I have found good results in here-people have helped me...they have been kind. So I want to help my friends as well. Their life is messy as well. they need help too. Please dont think I am abusing your kindness, I am just trying to work as a medium to get ur help to them.

so, my friend A is really in a hot mess. He left his studies midway, and so is not getting any respectable job. He lost all his saved fortune while trying to get established as a fashion designer, and actor-but couldnt shine in any of the fields.Now he is destitute,with no money and power-barely trying to survive.

He has higher ambitions though. He wants to do something for the poor and distressed. He wants to write, act, paint and of course DESIGN. its really frustrating to see him so barren. can any kind soul suggest him something?Something he needs to develop within himself?his transits?what to do to upgrade his life and what profession to pursue?

He would be eternally grateful.Thanks to everyone.

Btw, I have his permission to post his chart. He is not very good in English, so I am writing for him. But if any one of you wants to contact him, he will be happy to oblige. Thanks again.

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hope chart observations belp pick-integrate as relevant,
do share feedbacks how true-false-insightful-helpful-prospective etc,
traits-talents-health-events etc etc :

jup now transit scorpio 7th for marriage-relationship, research-occult aptitudes,

trine mars-rahu pisces 11th for gains
through foreigners and foreign relationships, acting skills;

prone to toxic health issues, arms-shoulders-ears-feet inflammations etc;

mars lord 7th over 11th, gains through spouse-business partners;

mars-rahu rise-fall, pray for welfare of and blessings from ancestors,
observe fast No-moon evenings taking milk-fruits;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;

ketu separative SNode virgo 5th, hyper-critical thinking/attitude,
detachment from luck-edu-romance-children-position;
good for audit-quality control-investigative-editorial roles;
offer red flowers at the alter at home wed evenings, or at the dargah;

natal jup taurus first for creativity,
banking, dentistry, hotel management, advisory roles, etc,
jup lord 11th for gains too;
wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart;
prayers to saint of your faith, offer yellow flowers fri evenings;
asc lord venus over 2nd for family-finances;
sun-mer-venus scope for rags to riches story;

cap inimical for taurus asc, stress-delays in luck-edu-travels;
sat negating to 8th retro negating luck-edu/negating support from father;

retro sat towards sag opp sun-mer-venus, past 3yrs sat transit sag;
stress in health family-finances-marriage-relationship;

sun-mer-venus gemini 2nd for family-finances, literary-oratory-business analyst-
analytical chemistry-pharma-physician-instrumental music-humor-information processing roles;
confused at decision making roles;
mer lord 5th for luck, mer retro, better at written communications/writings;

sat now transit inimical cap 8th, chronic health issues, urological-knees etc;
observe fast sat evenings taking milk-fruits;

ketu now heading towards acq 9th, tending to distant lands year ahead;

jup year-end and 019 transit sag 7th for marriage-relationship,
trine moon aries 12th for foreign lands;
aspect sun-mer-venus gemini for family-finances-relationship;

do promptly ack, share pointwise salient feedbacks how true-false-helpful etc,
and pick as relevant and practicable,

wishing well, kshantaram
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Thank you so much for your in-depth reading.

i want to ask one question-various positions indicate he has acting, literary, auditory, investigative talents. which is the most prominent among these talents?He has a bad habit of trying everything-being serious about nothing.which field should he actively pursue? no fashion designing prospects???

as far as I know, the reading is accurate.thanks again...


with a mercury/venus conjunction, he is a very loving and optimistic person. the moon is sextile which increases his personal charm and his love of others. he seems to be both emotionally and mentally aware or able to relay to others in positive social manners.

with the moon/sun midpoint conjunct to Jupiter on the ascendant , he is truly a magnanimous person. the is very intelligent and understanding. this pattern usually is associated with family wealth or social power. it is somewhat surprising his business ventures have not succeeded.

with the juno/mercury .juno/Venus midpoints conjunct the sun and the sun being square to the node, it is again surprising he is in low moods because this aspect gives a very optimistic and loving personality ad well as a inner strength that usually gets him through any hindrances. this is actually quite a luck aspect.

it seems that there are hidden emotional issue affecting him. pluto is conjunct to psyche and square to orcus as well as opposed Sedna. this suggest issue with receiving unconditional love. it may be that while growing up he was subjected to confusing emotional influences,. I may be that he did not know if he would be loved or disciplined instead.

his moon is triseptile to the Saturn/Uranus conjunction which suggest that there were very different feeling from his mother and father toward him.
the moon is opposed to the vertex and the eros/psyche midpoint showing his mother to be totally supportive and loving, almost that he could do no wrong from her viewpoint. so it may be that she tended to spoil him.

Saturn is conjunct to Uranus and opposed to Chiron as well as square eros. this could suggest that his fther was much more strict with him. it is almost like he could do no wrong from his mothers viewpoint but he could do nothing right from his father's viewpoint. and with erso square to the Saturn/Uranus conjunction, love was very conditional from his father and he might not know whether his father would approve of him and give him affection or criticize him and withhold emotional support.

also Jupiter is opposed to ixion which could imply that his grand father was very strict and passed his intolerance through his father. ixion can indicate that his family had a rough heritage, that is his family might have been involved with feuds of some sort of social alienation.

I don't full understand this chart but there seems to be some type of underlying distress.
looking for such dynamics, and I am being speculative and not asserting what I see is true, but his mars is sextile to Neptune and the midpoint is opposed to Neptune and square to pluto/psyche and Sedna. this could suggest that his emotional issues have to do with his sexual orientation.
his mother accepts him and his father rejects him or would but it looks like he is hiding his inner self.

I'm sorry that I can't come up with concrete suggestions about him and his options.



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On the surface, this is not a chart of someone I would worry about, he has a lucky chart with many gifts - health, charm and masculine energy.

Looking a little closer, there are some indicators that concerns me. Also some details you mention are also concerning.

I have to ask, how well do you know this person in terms of personal ethics, dealings and deeper motivations?

Judging by your username aqua, I surmise you are an Aquarius. Aquarius generally loves their friends, and treat them like family. You seem very well-intentioned to help your friends. Sometimes in their loyalty to their friends, Aquarius can be naive to what's really going on.

I realize this may not be what you are asking for, and my suspicions can be wrong. But I just had to first ask the question where potential character clues and indicators lead me.

On the more practical and useful front, he has a stellium in Gemini so he's going to be restless and try everything. This is just the way he is. But mercury / venus are making poor aspects to his midheaven, so literature, beauty and fashion are absolutely not the way to go, although he will feel a certain obsession to it. Sun is in positive aspect to the midheaven, along with the aggressive driving force of the moon. I interpret this as he will have luck in some type of leadership sales position.

As a gemini with Sun in the first (trining the MC), his sales ability and big personality will be recognized by his superiors. His aries moon will fuel him to want to be numero ono as an internal motivator. Other talents support it, where the only problem I see are power struggles that originates between him and potential superiors or co-workers.

My take is he can succeed in sales, possibly sales leadership leading a team, and it will be a fantastic utilization of his talents, energies and monetary outlook. Also from a practical and non-astrological standpoint, I do not know how things are in his country, but in general, you do not need advanced degrees to get into most types of sales positions, whether corporate, high end or low end. It takes social ability, great people skills, and other types of skillset to succeed, such as being able to think from your customer and audience's perspective, and making deals happen. Advancement will be based on results, if you become a top seller, many places will want to recruit you. Furthermore, it seems he has some type of entreprenuerial zeal in him to take the risks he has and go against convention. And one reason he has failed as an entrepreneur is because he does not know how to sell, either himself, his brand or his products. He was probably using his energies in the wrong area, assuming the world felt exactly as he has, thus he obtained little result. So an experience there and mastering how to sell will be useful to him in the long run, regardless of whether he continues to pursue entrepreneurial ideas, or stay in more conventional jobs.

Also, his chart signature seems like a baby to me - what I mean by the word is that he wants to start aggressive ventures, here and there. Yet he failed to develop or master critical skillsets that are necessary before he starts ventures (Saturn, Capricorn). He wants to go too big, too fast, too unfocused and too impatient. So failure is not only a logical result, but absolutely assured. For example when you build a house that can weather storms (a career, a business), you have to start and master foundations first. Only then will his "house" not tumble down in the wind.

It also seem to me he may be one of those heavily influenced by this new generation's zeal of startups and like. You mentioned he dropped out of conventional studies, and invested all his personal money to beginning a risky venture (a dream) that is not guaranteed. Statistically, most of the risky, startup ventures end in failure (whether its a new business, or something like an actor or fashion designer). Most of the entrepreneurs fail, learn the lessons and start again in a new direction. Typically they learn what they did wrong and do not repeat the mistakes a second time. It's almost part of an inevitable cycle.

I will be more worried if he does not reflect on where he went wrong, and the mistakes he made in his risky ventures. Only by learning from his lessons, can he avoid the invisible traps and pitfalls, in order to succeed in a future venture.

I think where a friend can be of help is helping him analyze where he went wrong, to reflect and understand mistakes, not to blame, but as valuable experience and insight, so one can transform a failure into a future victory.

For example, if he wants to do something (fashion designer), he needs to first research how other people have done it. What did it really take for others to succeed? Was it social connections? Sales ability? Ability to spot what the public wants? Design talent? Usually its a combination of distinctive characteristics behind the scenes, and its never just one thing. Then he needs to realistically assess what he has that can make him stand out, what he lacks, then form a temporary strategy. After the initial foundation is met, then act. But not before. And lastly, don't put all of his eggs in one basket, what will be his backup plan if the gamble does not work out?

So to summarize:

1. He needs to learn how to take calculated risks. Action needs to be backed up with research, assessment, mastering of critical areas. Gambling without being 'calculated' is like traveling without a map. It assures failure.

2. A tenure in sales will benefit him in multiple areas. It will use his gemini talents, aries desire to be number one, taurus monetary concern, Jupiter on the ascendant gift to be liked immediately. And it will be practical knowledge so he can utilize and apply the skills and lessons to all his potential, future endeavors. Master this area and a lot of things will be smoother sailing in the future.

3. Where a friend can be of maximum help is to help him analyze the root cause of failures, respectfully but honestly and positively. Without stroking people's egos or telling them what they want to hear. However, you have to keep a balance. Remember there are things that are not privy to you, and internal mechanisms you may not understand. There are only certain things you can do and a limit to what you should feel responsible for.

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rahu ,

Please dont be sorry!!!You have been so accurate, even I didnot know some facts you revealed. Its strange how much astrology can really reveal.

Thanks a lot, for helping him. He sure does appreciate it, so do I. There is not enough words to express our thanks. Take care.


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Its been a privilege getting your opinion-so detailed and so practical.You have nailed it in all aspects...

Well, to answer your question-we are very close friends.I am very dependent on him and protective about him.I know him to be ethical-of course deeper motivations can never be assessed in case of friends. I think its to help people and lead a life of comfort but who knows !!

Your question have somewhat vexed me, because there are a lot my other friends who think I should not depend on him as much as I do. One mustnt actually depend on anyone but with my high piscean energy I cant help it.

yes, he-like a baby-an aggressive baby-tried out his famous ventures and failed.I dont think he will want to be in sales-but I can propose it to him. He has excellent motivational skills btw. But he is somewhat stubborn (taurus ascendant?).

Thanks to you again for your in-depth help. You people are the real heroes who are immensely motivating me to do sth for people less privileged as well. Keep motivating and helping people. Take care.


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Everyone else has posted what looks like very good descriptions on career potentials so I'll go with what might be causing the problems lately instead.


I had a hunch that Pluto could be involved with a progressed planet (since none were impacted in the natal chart in a bad way) and this is indeed the case - during the last year Pluto has been going through degree span 17-22 of Capricorn where it has opened an ongoing opposition to progressed Sun in 18 Cancer - this is a massive progression and although it is "only" the progressed planet it is still going to be life-changing in a big way; I recommend reading about Pluto opposition Sun transit and studying the themes there but it is a transformation of core identity and self and not much less - so he is going through some life-changing experiences for sure. Being there is a strong Gemini/3rd house emphasis I think there will be issues with siblings highlighted somehow also but there is little chance of this time not having a great impact on him. There are positives coming from this transit too such as finding out our true identity and this is likely what he's in the middle of but it is unlikely to seem constructive at first and certainly doesn't seem like it right now.

Another issue is Chiron transiting over progressed Mars and square progressed Saturn (where the two progressed planets form a square - Mars square Saturn tends to lead to a very frustrating time accomplishing unless one works very persistently and keeps to specific objectives at the time) - in all this cluster of progressed transits points to reactivation of long-standing issues from the past which may have been traumatic or caused significant problems in childhood. Usually this is one of the types of transits which would call for therapy of some sort along with the Pluto-Sun one above.

The Saturn-Chiron opposition was mentioned and I recommend for anyone born in the 1985-1994 time frame to learn as much as possible about both planets because this is likely to be a major theme in their lives.


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thanks a lot. I told him to take therapy several times-but he stubbornly refuses.He doesnt have the financial ability and the need-he says. And he being the advocate, noone can argue with him,lol!


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my friend had some questions-so I am going to irritate you a bit more-

1. What are the thinking patterns he need to change? what are the main areas of faults in his character which he needs to work on?( GemwDepth kindly suggested to be more stable-to plan and research before leaping into action. anything else?)

2. another forum member very kindly replied me-according to her he can earn a lot through clothing in his homeland (part of fortune.) However this is not asserted in the previous readings. So he is kinda confused.

3. He has no interest in sales as it seems too mercenary to him.....any other motivational job options?

4. This is a bit controversial. He is terribly afraid of death and illnesses. He originally asked about death but i am re-phrasing the question-any special illnesses he needs to guard against??

He expressed his sincere thanks to all. i Must add my thanks and compliments too...


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2. another forum member very kindly replied me-according to her he can earn a lot through clothing in his homeland (part of fortune.) However this is not asserted in the previous readings. So he is kinda confused.

Each person's readings are based on their speculative opinion. Not having a 1:1 conversation with the subject, everything is very speculative at this point. Your friend should take each with a grain of salt and come to his own decision as an independent being.

There are many indicators in one chart and frequently, the indicators are conflicting. If your friend want a more thorough analysis of all the indicator in one direction, I advise to go for a paid, professional reading, not just on a free forum.

Not to be unkind or unfriendly, but this seem to be an extremely important life decision for him and I do not think he should risk such decisions solely on free opinions where we only dedicate 20 minutes in evaluation.

The professional can dedicate hours and more focus in researching a single area of concern.

To further expand, my opinion is not a permanent "no". It is only based on timing. I believe he's obsessed with design and literary concerns, but this is not the right time for him to keep "struggling in that direction". There are other things he needs to learn.

3. He has no interest in sales as it seems too mercenary to him.....any other motivational job options?

I believe your friend may be taking the "job in sales" too literally. Please do not view the suggestion as a permanent "profession" but rather as a deficiency in skillset he needs to learn, and a stepping stone to something else. Taurus ASC tend to view things literally.

He has a set of talents in his chart that could be successful in that direction. However, he also has some deficiencies if he wants to go in the pioneer route. In general, those with stellium in first and second house are so focused on their own needs, they fail because they cannot see or meet the needs of others.

Please do not view the "sales" word as being mercenary. Its not about trying to scam other people. The core idea is about discovering the needs of other people, and how your product (a person, a brand, a physical product) can meet those needs. "Sales" is just a general term and situation where you get to learn and then keep practicing this skill.

He can address this deficiency in a variety of ways. He can read extensively on selling via books and internet sources. He can keep experimenting with new ventures, but on a much smaller scale and less risk, thus much less fall out. Fail, then analyze where he failed to meet the needs of others. He can get a business partner that has those skillsets, hence it balances out where he may be weak (patches things up so to speak), so he can just focus on his strength. Or he can get a job where he gets paid money to learn. Its up to him how he chooses to address or learn this skill.

Again this is all speculative based on 20-30 minutes, giving your friend some ideas and pointers. But your friend should make his own independent decision, and consult a professional if he wants to drill down in 1 area.
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The problem is we live in such a country where there are no good astrologers. Paypal is not even available in our country. However, you are right- thats our problem, and we should adjust to it.

u were not at all unkind-just realistic.Yet you managed to elaborate his needs-we are much grateful to you for that. Thanks a lot again. Take care.