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Hi Friends,
i am Nishant.Today i want to ask couple of questions for my brother,please find my brothers natal chart attached.And if any one can answer my below mentioned questions;

Which profession will be good for him? (right now he is stock trader at stock market)
Being a stock trader if any one can suggest any sector which can give him great help?
When will he get marry?
Do he has wealth in his chart? at what age?

-One of his friend who call himself an astrologer, told him that he should not suppose to do own business otherwise he will lose in the end, he should trade in metal and mining stocks,he will get marry at 35,he has short life and most IMP he will have lots of money one day, what will be the source of it ? will it be from stock market?
-please tell me above information is correct or you can suggest something else. your advise really means a lot. God bless all..



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