Help needed Pls. Marriage on verge of divorce due to infidelity


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Hello All.
I was married to my wife on March 17th 2013 and bought her to USA shortly.
Since then we are having problems and fights due to her picking fights for almost everything. She initiated fights for everything with me and my family. She would get angry even if i talk to my family. We were separated for 1 year from November 2014 to August 2015 where she left to India due to fight and got into illegal affair with a guy in India. I was in USA. Then she came back to USA in July 2016 to live with me after convincing.I did not know about her affair that time.
That time she continued affair with that guy after coming to USA to live with me and I found out with proof she has illegal affair .she continued cheating on me even after my warning. All of this cheating was accepted by her.
She left to India on March 2017 in hopes of trying with the guy she cheated on but i am not sure what is happening and till now we are separated and did not come back to me and we didn't talk about divorce too even though we have frequent quarrels over phone. She is in India now.

My birth details:
Date of birth - February 25th 1980
Time of Birth - 1.23 AM
Place of birth - Chennai, Tamilnadu,India

My wife birth details:
Date of birth – May 19th 1983
Time of Birth -Not known (between 12.20pm to 11.59pm)
Place of birth – Chennai, Tamilnadu,India

Can you also please do BTR for my wife if poss.
Important events:
1.)She Went abroad for work in 2011,2012
2.) we got married on March 17th march 2013 and came with me to USA
3.) Separated from me due to a fight about my parents and went to india and stayed in india from Nov 25th 2014 till aug 2015 (she started extra marital affair in this period) and returned to me to USA on August 2015 saying we will work out .
4.) Continued extra marital affair with the guy in india while with me in USA
5.)She got pregnant from me on November and natural miscarriage in 8 weeks on Dec 31st 2016
6.) Left to india again on March 10th 2017 in hopes of working out with that guy as mentioned by her(but i think it has not ended well with them now) but has not returned to me till now or initiated divorce

It would be really helpful to get inputs as i feel hopeless and confused on the next steps to do.

My Question - I wanted to know if I will get divorce .I am feeling scared or weak on initiating a divorce . I am not sure why . Will i get strength to give divorce soon or will i get divorce from my wife or Will i be reunited with wife.. I wanted to know if divorce is present in my chart or in wife chart and .. if so when will we initiate divorce? if i get divorce, is there 2nd marriage for me and child yoga.


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You lack confidence to initiate divorce because of sun+ketu. She has the confidence to carry on extra marital affair due to your mars+rahu.
You will waste time by not divorcing her.
2nd marriage also not satisfactory


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Major-period period of Saturn is operating since 6/August/2015. Saturn is in the eleventh house in Virgo and exchanges signs with Mercury which rules the eighth house. Therefore unhappiness and humiliation will be round the corner in this major-period.
Saturn is in opposition to Venus in the fifth house. Therefore Saturn will cause unhappiness relating to marriage.
Saturn is in Uttar Phalguni nakshatra of the Sun. This nakshatra has the tendency to help and generously extend relief. Its deity Aryaman stands for close friend. It represents close relationships and therefore if a naturally malefic planet occupies this nakshatra it would be an indication that there will be break and setback in such relationships. Therefore during this major-period break in marriage is likely.
For more than one year Saturn will remain in Sagittarius in transit. From here it is making very close relationship with natal Sun which is the planet governing your home life and profession. Therefore break in marriage and major changes in professional career are indicated in the next one to one and a half years.
The sooner you decide to initiate proceedings for divorce the better it would be for both the parties.