Help! My scorpio moon conj. my Pluto in scorpio



Please tell me what do you think about our synastry.

What kind of potential we have? I am so absolutely into him!


Here is our synastry Chart:

P.S. I am sorry I made a mistake in the title: HIS Scorpio Moon conjuct my Pluto in Scorpio is what I wanted to write...


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I tried to write down some of the most important and exact aspects and it’s just overwhelming. The first planet in the list is always and second one is always his.

I consider almost all of the ascpects important because they are either conj/opposition or exact aspects...

but that my Pluto conjuct his Moon at the same degree , my Sun and Venus conjuct ( parallel) his Ascendant,Venus parallel Pluto, Sun parallel Pluto, Pluto conjuct Uranius and Pluto square Mars... Isn’t that too much for one relationship to handle? Or is this my once in a lifetime experience :love:

Sun conjuct Jupiter
Pluto conjuct Moon
Saturn conjuct Sun
Pluto conjuct Uranius
Sun parallel Ascendant
Venus parallel Ascendent
Mercury parallel Sun
Venus parallel Pluto
Moon parallel Uranius
Sun parallel Pluto
Jupiter and Uranius parallel Neptune

Venus opposition Sun
Mars opposition Venus
Sun opposition Sun
Sun opposition Mercury
Venus opposition Mercury
Saturn opposition Saturn
Mars contra- parallel Jupiter
Mercury contra- parallel Saturn

Ascendant trine Moon
Moon trine Mars
Moon trine Venus
Moon trine Jupiter
Saturn trine Moon
Ascendant trine Uranius
Uranius Sextile Moon

Saturn Square Neptune
Ascendant square Ascendant
Pluto square Mars
Jupiter square Mars
Pluto square Jupiter
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