help!! moving overseas


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a year ago I stated I was moving overseas...a work visa proved impossible I went to school and raised my grades over the summer..and have been given financial aid and loans and grants for schools overseas..and ect but am now at last minute going through clearing in the u.k. I have a span of a few weeks to work out getting into school and grabbing my you guys see me being succesfull

I have scorpio ruling my solar return 4th house this year with mars in the 9th house and aries rules the 9th house with mars in their...venus is conjunct mars ruling my 10th house and 3rd house....also I am having a jupiter return this year(which hasn't been much of one) in my natal 5th house(following my dreams which I am certainly doing) but my sun is in gemini so from the sun(the immediate circumstances of my life while asendant rules long term circumstances) jupiter is transiting the 9th house....what do you guys think
I also think that I may have a huge relationship coming up soon...not only do I have a jupiter return going on in my 5th house and a solar return emphasizing relationships(give me feedback on that you guys) but my progressed venus is 1 degree away(or less) from exactly conjuncting sun/moon midpoint....and my seventh house ruler is in the 9th house...hmmmmmmmmm
Not a good idea posting that link as it gives everyone access to your account and could mess things about. Plus we need to see the natal and which natal house the SR Asc falls.....11th house matters, large organisations,friends, groups etc

It does look like you will be putting energy into 9th house matters and getting pleasure from doing so at the same time. Packed 7th does suggest or highlight one to one relationships to

SR mars conj natal moon may mean you will be prone to emotional outburts. Mars energy is rash and impulsive, and will be expressing the Moon's principles, which are ­instinctual, habitual and security‑orientated. It could be you will assert yourself more within your home. You are more able to ask for things that you need that enhance your feelings of safety and inner well‑being.