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I know a little bit about astrology.
First is I cannot decide weather I will have a better career in public sector or private sector.
My tenth house lord is exalted but it is in the twelfth house. From my predictions my twelfth house makes my prospects of working in foreign land very good( does it?). At the same time venus which is avayogi is also in twelfth house, does destroy my twelfth house? but venus is said to be very auspicious for Aquarious asc.
There is house parivartan between 2nd and 5th house(the wealth houses) but there will never be mahadasha of any of these two planets. So it means it will not be beneficial for me.
My mercury is debilitated but I think I am intelligent, but my memory is little weak. My mathematics was very strong in school, I used to score above 90 till 12th standard without any tuition. Can you explain my second house?
Please tell me about my career. I know my bhagyodya will be in 2018.


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