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I would like to know any counseling about our marriage based on the day our marriage occurred, the composite chart from both our charts and any other help you might offer.

This time has been very hard... I fear about our relationship, all kinds of alarms about the future of it are ringing in my mind and tearing me apart.

I do not understand this chart (or maybe is something that my subconcious denies to see.).

---What can be done?

---How can I reach him better?

---Why is he so adamant about not getting help?

---Is he going to leave me?

---What can be done?

---What is our marrige future?

---Does he love me, still? What I am to him?

Recently there was an awful fight between us. I have tried to give it space for things to cool down, to see if he got closer to me with some kind of regret or something... nothing. I feel very hurt about what happened, I want things to work out, but, I do not know if he also wishes the same. All this silences and rejections are eating me inside.

---Does he regret our recent fight, or simply does not care? Why he has not more romantic attentions for me?

---Is he just waiting for the kids to grow up to leave me?

---Is there someone else, someone he is interested but has not acted upon it, or someone who is interested who is making moves or waiting for the right moment to get his attention?

I sometimes think that the fact that he was an orphan very early (while a toddler- mother died) has something to do with some of our inability to talk.

The family where I come from was also a very conflictive, disfunctional one. So in a way, we both have had to learn about family and marriage from kind of a blank slate. His family was kind of more stable, though. He was raised by his grandmother & father. This is also one of our areas of conflict: how to run thing at home: I am more relaxed in some ways (my Sag 4th house) while he is more traditional and rigid (I have tried to be a better housewife, but I can never be remotely like Martha Stewart (which is something like what he saw as been raised by his grandmother- his Cap 4th house), while in the raising of the kids, I am much more strict (Cap 5th house, Sat. on the 10th), while he tends to be more relaxed- Aqua in the 5th).

I have also noticed that, while I have pulled to a more spiritual pursuits in my life, in some things, he kind of have gotten the opposite way, and it has also created some conflict or something.

An Cyber friend counsel me about not to bring up the latest fight unless he talks about it... but he has not and it still hursts me.
---Still keep quite about it then?

I am most of the time the one who bring up the need to talk, to resolve matters, and every time it has been met with a fight or remarks that leave me reeling from emotional pain for days.

He is a good man, I do also know that he has been very patient with me. But I want to be happier, feel appreciated and wanted and not to feel so alone in this relationship. I want to give the same to him.

Thank you all in advance for your attention and patience;



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