HELP!I have serious trouble relating to people...


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I have a serious shyness problem.Whenever I'm alone with someone,either someone of the opposite sex or someone of my own sex,I get really,let me say this again,REALLY anxious.I only get relaxed when I'm with my group of close,long term friends.And I can only get loosen up when alone with one of my close friends,and it sometimes it's not like that.For example,there's this girl,I've known her for about6years now,she considers me her best friend,I think of her as one of my best friends as well and,whenever I'm alone with her,I don't know,I feel so anxious,I can't even think straight or say something funny.Only my long term group of friends know the real me:when I'm with them,I'm very spontaneous,impulsive and assertive,and people usually say I'm funny and very imaginative.Since the only place where I actually make friends is at school,where all my close,long term friends are,the people I meet usually like me and they wanna get closer to me,but I don't allow them because of my anxiety of getting close to them,or letting the get closer to me.For example,there's this girl who lives next to me but I've only met her this year at school cause she's in my class,and so now she's always asking me to go to her house and hang out with her.I agree,cause I really like her and think she's funny and all that,but in the last minute I always say I can't go hang out with her cause I get really anxious and afraid of being alone with her!!I won't even try to explain you m behaviour around people of the opposite sex lool.I really need help with this.I would love to get new friends,meet new people,get a boyfriend,but this stupid anxiety doesn't allow me to do that!I feel like I have so much to give.Since I have a majority of planets in Fire,I would expect me to have much more ease relating to people...What planet/aspect/sign in my birth chart is preventing me from revealing myself to people?
I'll include my birth chart(I was born in March17,1991,2:40AM im Oeiras,Portugal).
P.S.-I don't know if I placed this question in the right place :s Sorry...
All the best


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People with Capricorn rising tend to be sensitive, timid, businesslike,
ambitious, controlling, reserved, practical, down-to-earth,
duty-conscious, responsible, critical, and cold.
You may have had trouble communicating in early life. Perhaps you suffer from feelings of inadequacy. You overcome these feelings through sheer necessity,
for you have determination in achieving your goals and purposes in life. You have great ambition and do not settle until you have reached the great heights that you have set for yourself.The reserve that often
appears as part of your makeup is sometimes taken as coldness. To you
it seems that you are being responsible and simply doing your duty.
Sun in Pisces
Pisceans are sympathetic, compassionate, unassuming, idealistic,
intuitive, congenial, adaptable, psychic, emotional, creative,
secretive, versatile, imaginative and self-sacrificing. They can also
be impressionable, indecisive, self-pitying, hypersensitive and
changeable. They need to serve others.
Pisceans are sentimental and romantic in love. At times they expect
too much from others and then feel hurt if the other person doesn't
come through for them. They have a strong tendency to place their
loved one on a pedestal. This leads to disillusionment when they
discover their loved one has faults, too.
The symbol for Pisces is two fish going in opposite directions
connected by a cord. One fish represents the personality and the
other represents the spirit. These two opposing forces operate within
a Piscean, causing insecurity and indecisiveness. Handling these
forces in a positive manner is very difficult for them. Some will
seek to escape these pressures through eating, alcohol, drugs or other
excesses. That is what one of the fish represents. The other fish
represents the Piscean rising to great heights through self-denial,
sacrifice and then ultimate attainment. Pisceans learn through
suffering and they need to learn perseverance.
Pisceans tend to absorb the information and environment around them.
Thus it is important that they surround themselves with uplifting
people and circumstances. Pisceans are creative, self-sufficient
people whose minds are extremely active, due to their strong
imagination, which they can sometimes get carried away with. They
sense and feel things that others are not aware of.
Pisceans generally do not possess strong willpower nor do they have a
dynamic approach to life. Although they can appear to be very
determined on the outside, underneath, inner doubts are brewing. This
insecurity causes them to need reassurance from others. One of their
greatest needs is to learn to understand their emotional ups and
downs. Since they have a tendency to doubt their own conclusions, they
need to learn to believe in themselves.
Pisceans are very generous with their time in helping other people.
They always feel their best when they are serving others in some
capacity. By using their compassion outwardly for others, they will
not become as moody and introverted. Service to others is the safest,
shortest road to God.
Since Pisceans are reluctant to hurt others or to face any sort of
confrontation, they can become involved in very difficult emotional
situations which they find extremely difficult to break. They have a
difficult time saying no sometimes and will stay in bad situations
thinking that they can somehow change the other person and then all
will be well. Some Pisceans love to play the martyr, while others
need to play the savior. Pisceans tend to think with their heart
rather than their head and can be easily used by others. Many fall for
any kind of sob story, much to their own detriment. Their hearts are
in the right place, it's just they need to be more realistic and downto-
Pisceans can be highly secretive, but they make friends rather easily
and are quite loyal to them. They do not particularly like verbal or
combative fights, but will defend their friends in subtle ways.
Pisceans sometimes lack vitality which often gives people the idea
that they are lazy. Well, some are and Pisceans in general do like to
procrastinate. A Piscean needs sufficient time each day to be alone
while they regain their fluctuating energies.
A Piscean's innate desire to escape from physical living can be used
constructively through creativity. Many forms of art, dance and music
appeal to them. They instinctively seem to know their own
capabilities and limitations. Unfortunately, though, their knowledge
of their limitations can create an inferiority complex. Pisceans enjoy
drama and acting because it gives them the opportunity of being
someone else. This enables them to temporarily lose their inferiority
complex. Because of their hypersensitivity, they can become instantly
depressed over little things that are said to them.
Pisceans can appear to be deceitful because of an inborn need to
justify their words and actions. If in trouble, they may attempt to
rationalize their way out rather than face the consequences of their
Moon in Aries
Adaptability and inconstancy in your efforts to initiate are present
here. Frequent emotional upheavals due to a fiery temper are possible.
Patience is not your strong suit and if things don't happen the way
you want, and now, well, you can go off like a bolt of lightning.
Your tendency is to be spontaneous, temperamental, impetuous,
headstrong and you dislike restraint. You are very direct in thought,
action, and speech and everyone knows how you feel. You pull no
punches. You can be a very bossy individual if you do not try to
control your moods. A desire to be in the limelight or in charge of
things is present. You hate showing any personal weakness or that you
need any support, comfort, or nurturing from others. Your enthusiasm
for starting new projects is contagious and you are probably a better
starter than a finisher. You are adventurous, courageous, and
independent. You don't like complainers and are always ready to meet
any challenge. A fair amount of physical activity is good for you so
you can work off those moods you get into once in a while. You have a
creative, flamboyant personality that likes to trail-blaze in unusual
ventures. Perhaps your accomplishments cover inferiority feelings
that lie beneath the surface.
Mercury in Aries
You are outspoken and direct in speech and actions. Your thoughts are
original and filled with enthusiasm and great energy. You love a good
argument or debate and like to compete and strategize with your mind.
You say what you mean and don't pull any punches. You are opinionated
and love to share those opinions, even if not asked to do so. You love
controversy and might need to develop a little more tact in how you
express your own thoughts. Your mind is restless and filled with much
nervous energy. It is hard for you to sit still. You always have to
be busy, especially with your hands. Mechanical ability may be
present. Your thoughts and words are quick and impulsive and you may
at times suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. A lack of patience and
concentration in carrying out your plans may be evident. Great wit
and an entertaining personality help make you popular. You don't like
to be told how to do things and want the freedom to do things your own
way. There never seems to be enough time to do all the things you have
on your mind. You may be quick-tempered, but hardly ever carry a
grudge. You get over things quickly, then move on.
Venus in Aries
Venus desires relationships, sociality, and affection. Aries is
forthright, demanding and wants to take the lead. Therefore, you may
be very ardent and pursuing in relationships. Your feelings and
passions are easily aroused and you usually try to take the lead in
social matters and affairs of the heart. You go out and get what you
think you want. Trouble is, once gotten, you may get tired of having.
The thrill of the chase is more important to you than the final catch.
Thus your romances may start off in a blaze of excitement and glory
only to end in boredom and monotony. There are always fresh fields to
conquer and you go after them. It's almost a crusade for you. Venus
worst qualities are trying too hard to please others and taking the
line of least resistance. In relationships, then, you may choose
partners who tend to dominate you and want you to do things their way
at the expense of your own wishes. Venus in Aries calls for you to be
assertive, yet not dominating, pleasing, yet not a dishrag. You are
independent and have an impulsive approach to love. You like
competitiveness and perhaps pick fights just for the action and
excitement. You can be very inconsiderate of others because you
sometimes do not think about your actions and they effects they have
on those closest to you. Impatience and selfishness can be a problem
for you.
Mars in Gemini
Mentally and physically you are the busy, little bee. You are
constantly in motion with many and various activities, usually several
at a time. You are happiest when busy and you hate boredom. Your mind
is alert, active, and constantly seeking to learn more. You absorb
knowledge like a sponge and you will debate and argue with anyone who
wants a mental sparring match. A great deal of nervous tension or
anxiety can exist with this position and it is important that you get
regular exercise to relieve the stress. You talk with your hands and
may be ambidextrous or have mechanical ability. There is a need to
think before acting and to have patience so that you keep yourself out
of trouble. Sometimes you just do things for the sake of doing
something and this is not always a good idea. Look before you leap.
Travel appeals to you because you never know what you might learn or
who you might meet. Burns or accidents can occur to the shoulders or
arms, probably due to haste. You can accomplish a lot in short bursts,
but projects that require long-term commitment, stamina, and steady,
persistent effort are not easy for you. You often scatter your
energies into so many directions and activities at once that you
cannot finish or follow through on some of them. You need variety,
change, and mental challenges. Your mind is sharp and you enjoy mental
challenges, games, or competitions. Matching wits with someone else
really brings out the competitor in you. Your drive and energy is
more mental than physical. You use your wit, intelligence,
communication skills, social sophistication, and awareness to achieve
your goals. Sarcasm and humor come easy to you. You need to learn how
to conserve energy so you don't burn out and concentration so you will
complete projects and carry through on promises.
Jupiter in Leo
You are generous, kind, compassionate and altruistic. You have
organizing and executive abilities and crave positions of trust and
responsibility, never being content to simply follow. You have an
abundance of energy and a strong constitution. You love anything that
tends to uplift society. On the negative side, though, you can become
cruel, sensual, egotistical, ostentatious, abnormally fond of pleasure
and subject to loss through speculation and gambling. You need to be
admired for your generosity and warm-heartedness to all.
Saturn in Aquarius
You possess practical common sense, self-discipline and inner sources
of strength which provide stamina. Although humane in nature with a
friendly and sympathetic disposition, you may have difficulty in
understanding other people's goals. You need to learn tolerance for
other people and must develop forgiveness. You have the ability to
exercise system, organization, discipline and tact in unusual and nontraditional
ways. You can think ahead and plan things with an
inventive flair. Seeing things in a whole new way is one of your
strengths. You tendency is to be serious, impersonal, detached and
scientific. On the negative side you can be opinionated, vindictive,
cold and uncaring with a tendency to get quite aggravated if your
plans are met with opposition.
Sun in 3rd house
Knowledge is important to you and you chase as much of it as possible.
You enjoy passing on the knowledge you have gained. Although you are
probably very open to new ideas, there yet may be the desire for
scientific proof before anything can be believed. Your mind enjoys
creating and it is thorough and self-reliant. Pride and intellectual
domination may be something you need to work on, especially
intellectual pride. Patience may also need developing.
Misunderstandings can occur with siblings or neighbors due to your
belief that you are always or mostly right. You have a strong desire
to learn and this may take you on many short journeys. You need to
communicate and there may be writing or speaking ability.
Moon in 3rd house
You possess intellectual curiosity and may well express your true
feelings through speech, poetry or writing. Intellectualizing your
feelings is probable. There is a strong need for communication and for
gathering information, which is later shared with people in general or
women in particular. You have a fine sense of humor and like to joke
and play around. Travel appeals to you because it affords new
opportunities for learning. Routine of any kind probably bores you and
you are constantly looking for variety. Your ideas change at a
moment's notice and you are forever flexible and adaptable to any
situation. Learning is perhaps better accomplished through listening
rather than reading. Your mind can be quite emotional at times.
Concerning vocation: the emphasis is on communication and information
exchange. Your personality gathers, shares and reacts to information.
This position represents the intermediary, the go-between, and the
dissemination functions.
Mercury in 3rd house
You are clever, alert, adaptable, versatile and studious. Mercury
here stimulates the mind and the body. You can express your ideas
fluently and you have the ability to bring your ideas to completion.
You are apt to be a jack-of-all-trades. There may be many short
journeys. This is a good position for teachers, for those concerned
with detailed work, or for work with computers. Writing or speaking
ability is present.
Venus in 4th house
You desire beautiful things and a nice, rather luxurious home. You
have an artistic nature with a talent for making people welcome in
your home. Entertaining at home gives you real pleasure. There is a
love of family and children. The latter part of life may be pleasant
and comfortable, although you may find a tendency to add weight in
later life.
Mars in 6th house
You are industrious, efficient, tireless, dynamic and active in work.
You may have a tendency towards irritation and impatience with coworkers
and employees who lack these qualities. You are mechanically
minded with good vitality and strong recuperative powers. You tend to
run fevers, perhaps higher than normal, when ill. There is a danger
of burns, scalds, and accidents sustained in the course of work or
employment. Many of these may happen because of impulse, haste, and
Jupiter in 7th house
Benefit, opportunities and wealth may come about as a result of
marriage or partnerships in general. You seek a partner that can
expand your visions, open up opportunities for expansion and help you
grow. Your partner can strengthen your faith and deepen your
religious or philosophical attitudes and ideas. You may feel that you
need a partner to help you develop your moral outlook and social
Your partner, who may be a member of one of the professions, may be
more affluent than you. If Jupiter is badly aspected in your natal
chart, then your partner may be somewhat opinionated, lazy, selfindulgent,
extravagant and self-willed, sometimes untrustworthy,
immoral, shameless and wasteful.
You are able to bring out the generous and good-natured impulses of
others, but in order to get the best results from the marriage
partnership you may need to control any extravagant tendencies and
prevent false pride from unduly affecting the smooth course of your
Saturn in 1st house
You are probably reserved, quiet, and serious. People may take you
for quite a cold person. You are responsible, hard-working and duty
comes first on your list of priorities. Self-controlled and
disciplined are how others see you. You may have experienced a rather
austere or difficult early childhood. Perhaps there was illness that
kept you on the sidelines. Feelings of inferiority, insecurity, or
unworthiness may push you to great ambitions and accomplishments.
Perhaps you feel unloved or that you are not worthy of love. These
feelings may have been activated in your early, formative years.
Pessimism and depression may come upon you because everything looks
like such a struggle for you. Keep your chin up and realize that no
hard work is ever wasted and that rewards will come to you later in
life if you buckle down now and toe the line. Survival issues may come
into play.
Uranus in 1st house
You are strong-willed, independent, original, perhaps a bit eccentric,
freedom-loving, and intuitive. You have an exciting and stimulating
personality which tends to draw people to you. You may be willful,
high-strung, nervous, and anxious. You may experience feelings of
unrest and loneliness, perhaps because of the uniqueness you feel.
Seeking new and unusual ways of expressing traditional ideas appeals
to you. Listen to your intuition because it is probably very strong,
or could be developed to a high degree. You can become a leader who
will pioneer new paths for others to follow. You may be ahead of your
time. You may not pay as much attention as you should to your physical
state and appearance because of the myriad of thoughts that occupy
your mind.
Neptune in 1st house
You tend to be artistic, idealistic, dreamy, procrastinating, psychic,
and very (hyper)sensitive to your environment. Getting lost in your
own imagination can sometimes make you moody, frustrated, unstable or
impractical. You may be a sucker for the sob stories of those who
feel down and out. You may enjoy playing the role of savior, or of
martyr. The day-to-day pressures of the world can drive you away and
into your own little world. Be sure you do not get lost in it. You
still have to live and function on this earth plane. Your physical
body may be susceptible to all sorts of real or imagined ailments.
You are like a sponge and can soak up the influences of the
environments you are in. So be careful what you surround yourself
with. Watch any medicine you take because a little probably goes a
long way for you. Perhaps the secret for you is to lose your ego so
that you will find yourself.
Pluto in 10th house
Unforeseen activities can affect your career. Elements of the world
society can directly influence your job or your status in the world.
You are self-assertive and need to incorporate diplomacy and patience
into your personality, especially when dealing with the world at
large. This position can give a desire for power, a desire to retreat
from society or a desire to be of benefit and service to society.
Using power and force to get your way will bring your downfall. Use
your skills to uplift society and the masses. You enjoy working
behind the scenes to accomplish your goals. You have an instinct for
knowing why people do the things they do.
Obviously, you are far more complex than what a few pages of writing can depict.Hopefully, this short description of you and your inner character will
lead you on your way to really discovering who you are, what you can
become, and what you need to be doing in this life.
God Bless You!!!!


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hey Lissa

first off, I'd like to say you're still very young, and just hit puberty, so what you're going through is pretty normal

you do have Sun, Mercury and Moon in 3H, which is excellent for communication
and Venus conj IC, which would make you very attractive in a private enviorment
on top of that your Jupiter is in Leo in 7H, making you very expansive and positive-minded in one-on-one relationships

however, your 3H is ruled by Neptune, which squares your Merc and Moon
while your Sun is squared by the second sign ruler in your 3H, Mars
and your Jupiter is opposed by your chart ruler Saturn in 1H

also Pluto conjunct 11H ruler trining 3H Sun, making you extremely passionate in relation towards others, which can be scary
and 11H co-ruler Mars in 6H squaring that same sun, putting even more heat on the boiler

I too have Mars in Gemini and a Pluto/3H Sun aspect, and I often get scared when I get alone with people, although one tends to grow out of it (big help for you hey? "don't worry, another 10 years and it'll all be over..." :D)


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I think I can relate to your situation quite well, Lissa... Brings back the memories of many tears and difficult times trying to open up to others... Still a battle.

:D ... and to pick up where Sanem left off, and Sanem did make excellent points, Not only is Mars in Gemini, but Mercury is in Aries, putting the two in mutual reception. Mercury and Mars are also in quintile aspect (orb: 28arcmin). Mars is also in the 6th house, a house naturally associated with Mercury by the usual western house rulership system. Mercury is also in it's own natural house (3rd) along with the Sun/Moon. Mercury, basically, is pretty strong. The mind is restless! (as is mine, which I assume is obvious based on the length of this post, lol)

That's a whole lot of interaction between these two objects. As Mercury represents the mind as well as communication, and Mars being quite the impulsive "just do it" sort of character (representing aggression and survival), this is one avenue through which the mind becomes jumpy. Try to relax a bit... You don't have to instantly jump to a certain state of mind without being logical, but in the same respect, you don't have to overanalyze every action you take, which can lead to fears and doubts. Finding the happy balance between following your impulses and logical contemplation is going to be really important for you, and I bet sometimes you'll find it's just better to act and make reason from the results, rather than weigh yourself down in "what if" logic.

And this plays into other chart factors, which amplify and direct this sort of mutual reception..

a) Capricorn ascendant: tendency to be self-doubting, unsure of the self, and sets self-expectations way too high. I've been there, I'm a Cap rising, too.. I'm still there... Although I progress to Aquarius rising really soon! :D It's still a battle... But finding your self-confidence and self-worth will help you mounds and mounds. All those imperfections you have... learn to love them! They make you who you are, and until you can love your own imperfections (which you have a whole life to transform!) and the imperfections of others, you will be mired in self-doubt and lack of confidence. Venus (socialization, and a very important planet in your chart) really doesn't like doubt; doubt is the antidote to bubbly social lubricant, as it prevents one from projecting the better side of the self and thereby forming winning bonds and relationships. Oh how I've learned this the hard way.

b) The battle of Jupiter/Saturn in opposition, right along your 2nd/8th Koch house axis. You have the challenge of a see-saw between your desire for expansive jovial projections to other people, which you really desire (Jupiter on 8th cusp) and shrinking back into physical yourself and sealing yourself off from others (Saturn on 2nd cusp and ruling the ascendant) -- Saturn has alot of weight, as it's your ascendant lord, so you may find him trying to weigh you down all too often, making you doubt at the last minute as your brain (Mercury) gets all fired up (Mars) with all sorts of doubtful (Saturn) thoughts. Just say NO! to your doubts and worries and ask yourself "what do I _really_ have to loose?" - And don't let yourself ponder those doubtful, negative ways of thinking for too long; Jupiter wants you to be expansive, positive, openminded, and jovial right up to the point of clown-like foolishness. Give it a try, it can be fun. It's the perfect medicine to that overly heavy Saturn ascendant, too. I know this, for I've lived it.

I have quite the Jupiter/Saturn battle of my own, with a Capricorn ascendant and Sagittarius Sun. I don't know how many times I have gone to the biggest party I can find, only to cut myself off from others... Or get myself in social situations only to observe and feel "outside". Then feel lonely and cut off when I'm alone. Pretty dumb, huh?! These two out of balance can be a real whacky experience. The key, simply, is not letting Saturn keep you tied up inside yourself, and not letting Jupiter make you loose touch of the more serious, focused, collected individual within yourself. They CAN work together, if they are both operating in their more positive states and effort is made to integrate them.

As you get closer to your Saturn return, you'll find Saturn will lighten up on you quite a bit. The Uranus/Uranus square of around 21 years of age will also help put a dent in his melancholy antics (as you will build your identity further), and the Neptune/Neptune sextile of around 26 years of age helps open up his sensitive side. Saturn isn't a bad guy, he's just got some mighty high hurdles set up for his initiates, but you'll find in the end they make for wonderful character building and wisdom. When I was your age (which really isn't that far back), I thought it was all stacked against me... The key is to turn self-pity into self-drive and self-motivation, and take a serious approach to personal growth... which leads us to..

c) You have Venus positioned T-squaring your nodal axis, which is no small placement to overlook! Karmic astrology teaches that an object T-squaring the nodes is dynamically activated (squared) by both the past (south node) and future (north node) - Venus is a part of your personality you have been (south node) working on and will continue (north node) to work on. So as a continuation of your past incarnational cycle, you'll be learning Venusian ways. Venus is in Aries, so one could say being socially (Venus) aggressive (Aries) is something you might very well be working on during this lifetime. One thing about Nodal placements, especially ones with dynamic aspects, is they can be very difficult to approach, but once you "break the ice" and start working on the placement in a fearless "I've got to do this!" manner (because the nodes really do show us what we can't escape if we are going to develop ourselves), things really speed up... Instead of slipping and falling on that ice, it's like we acquire skates and the ice turns from inhibitor to a medium of transport. Give it a try, simply remembering that it's part of your growth path to be socially (and romantically) assertive might be some of the best medicine for you... Besides, with Capricorn rising, you are a born leader and natural authority figure, something that comes with the rigidity and solidity of having "the rock" as an ascendant! And don't worry if you fall all over yourself and bruise yourself on the ice for a while... we all do that when we're working on our growth path... so forget the pride and remember your soul didn't pick any of these placements with the flip of a coin, so don't be afraid to take a risk to learn how to develop your Venus. Again, what do you have to loose?

Your Venus Degree: 28th of Aries

Your Illusion: That you can't be as socially successful as anyone else.
Shatter it, I know you can. :D

Keep this in mind: You have (like I do) a Libra Midheaven, in fact the same degree as mine... Libra MC's show people who easily apply Venusian energy among the various groups of people we associate with in public, and I can say from experience that if you develop your Libra MC, you will become a balancer among people and (with that Capricorn ascendant) a rock of stability to many. You probably think I'm full of it, but I've lived this reality; we have the same natal angles, even our Venus placements trine in the fire signs.

I should also mention your Piscean Sun is certainly in conflict with the triple-Aries placement of Moon/Mercury/Venus, especially with the Sun/Moon being in eachothers elements, like a mutual reception by element you could say. Pisces and Aries are literally opposite (start to finish, not by degree, of course) ends of the zodiac, with Aries wanting to start new action but Pisces wanting to disolve and return a completed cycle to the collective unconscious; Be on the lookout for how that Piscean sun may inhibit your firey Moon, Mercury, Venus or Leo Jupiter. Self-abnegation, martyr-like and self-sacrificial behavior, passivity, and escapism (to any alternative reality, including drugs and fantasy) are the main telltale signs of a malfunctioning Pisces placement. This isn't to say Pisces itself is a malfunctioning placement, but every sign has its darker side, and that darker side is seldom good for the native, and should always be transmuted into it's higher function. Pisces main high sides are compassion, intuition, psychic abilities, faith, spiritual realizations, an open connection to the collective unconscious and the acceptance of all humans as equal bearers of light and love. Pisces is a beautiful sign, but is one of the more difficult to realize the high sides of, as they are extremely transcendental, repressed by societies shallow ways, and easily voided by negative feelings such as anger and hate. The key words for Pisces are "Sensitive" and "Receptive" in equal parts.

I should also mention, The Dec20 2006 New Moon formed a nice trine to your Venus (43arcmin orb) which likely has something to do with your desires to address social issues. Since that is a conjunct to my Venus, it's hit me too, and has spurred the desire for a lot of people interaction (I've actually been talking on the phone and calling old friends.. weird for me!) and has also touched off a renewed interest in music, another Venusian thing... This is a really good month for you to contemplate your social skills and how to increase them, and also for applying them. That the trine indicates a harmonious new beginning for your Venus placement, so you might find attempts at opening up socially this month may be more fluid than usual.

Anyways, just some thoughts, couldn't help but respond as your post resonated with some of the social difficulties I've been through, which are actually common for us Capricorn rising natives. Most of us aren't exactly as open as others are, and certainly we doubt ourselves way too much.