Help! How do you interpret a 12th house stellium?


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Hi everyone,
I am concerned about the future years where Neptune will conjunct my Aries Sun, Mercury, Chiron AND Pluto will square my Moon, Jupiter (in Scorpio) and Saturn (in Taurus). So I checked out this Solar chart (outer ring) (the natal chart is in the inner ring).
If I remain in my current reference place/location, the 12th mega house will comprise Sun, Neptune, Saturn, and Mercury.

This is scary, and I interpret it as some kind of seclusion or hospitalization.

1. What do you make out of this stellium? Do you interpret it as seclusion, or hospitalization - or death of a male person in my family (Sun)?

2. Would you recommend that I relocate for a year, so as to avoid the 12th house activity?



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Re: Help! How do you interpret this stellium?

Here is the chart!