help find out the rising sun


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we are trying to find out a friend's rising sun as he doesn't know exactly his birth time.
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By his face can't really pin down the rising sign. Pisces is there, sag is there, aq is there, gemini moon yeah is there, as he studies a lot and moves a lot, moon-mars, very nervous and unstoppable person. sun-pluto square... for the width of his large body would be Taurus/Scorpio, more Taurus, but sun-pluto is scorpio-like... taurus is preservering, likes to be at fine places, likes comfort, comfy places, to dress well, to eat well, drink well, loves to drink and eat and by the photo it really tells me he likes to live a Taurus way of living hehe. He loves every pleasure, loves sex, but is a steady, stubborn person, very good at developing things. My guess would be for Taurus, with venus Pisces as a regent planet, gives him very round body shapes like any water sign, but pisces is hard to pin down definitely.
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