I'm new here but not to astrology. My mother was an amateur astrologer and she passed her love for astrology on to me. I'm here to get some input on some things and hopefully answer some questions. See you in the threads!
To answer your question, my mother got into astrology because of a dream she had the night I was conceived in which she says that I came to her and told her she had just gotten pregnant with me and that it was important for her to learn several esoteric subjects, particularly astrology, so that I would be exposed to it my whole life. Consequently, I have been studying astrology in some form or fashion the entirety of my 38 years... I first learned how to read a chart and ephemeris at age 12. Beginning about 20 years ago I began to study it much more in depth and have gone through a series of phases in which my attention waxes and wanes in regards to my interest in it until about 4-5 years ago when I achieved some personal breakthroughs since when my interest has not waned in the slightest.