Hello, I'm new here, and I have been interested in astrology for a little while now, but some questions I have been wondering about, I am not sure if I have a Scorpio Moon or a Libra Moon, and I would of thought this would be easy to figure out, but it's complicated since I read about both of the Moon signs, and I find that there are similiar traits that I can relate to from both signs.. does anyone know if it's possible to have a cusp moon?
Help with this would be much appreciated! :happy:


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Welcome and I hope you enjoy the forum :happy:.

Well you either have one or the other, have you created your birth chart? Im sure somewhere on the educational board it will give instructions on how to.
I Have my birth chart all figured out, which may not even be correct since I know my time of birth but I don't know if it's a.m. or p.m. :/ bummer.. I guess I will just have to figure out by comparing the two to see which one is most like me


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Please answer these questions:

How do you react when you are really emotional?
Where is your Mercury?
Describe your mother.