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Hi folks, a new soul joined me to help bring in the aquarian age. My baby boy was born yesterday. He's gonna have a lot of Uranian energy, with Sun & Mars both conjunct exact in Aquarius, Neptune and Chiron both in Aquarius. He also has Venus square Uranus. (My rising is Aquarius)

It's funny how there really is something to astrology. I was curious to see if I could predict the day he was born, but missed the first two predictions. But finally last week I narrowed it down to another day and general time. And sure enough he was born then. What I did was I looked at aspects I shared with both my parents, especially my father. I thought my Saturn would be aspected and sure enough he was born at the exact time the Moon was aspecting both my and his mother's Saturn, by trine and sextile respectfully. I have Moon and Venus trine Saturn with my father. This is some amazing stuff.