Hello, just a couple questions


Over the last couple months I've really started looking inward, examining my life, my birth chart, and learning tons about myself. The only problem is, the more I know, the more I realize how very little I know.

I think the most fascinating part of any birth chart are the aspects (squares, trines, etc.), but since I'm a newcomer, I only know what they mean individually. I do not know which ones mean what, in relation to the other ones that I have. So I'm hoping someone out there with an experienced eye can take a look at my chart and help me out with what I'm missing. Also, most sites say that I have alot of mis-used energy. Any tips how to channel and properly use my energy would be greatly appreciated.

Birthdate: 8/22/1984, 5:43 AM EST, Monroe, MI.


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Outer world


You have a "cradle" aspect in your chart (formed by the opposition between Jupiter-Neptune to the Moon and the interlocking sextiles). People with a cradle in their chart tend to focus their energy entirely on the cradle-side and to ignore the rest of their chart. Since most of your planets (all but one) are focused on the bottom of your chart (inner world), you may tend to focus TOO MUCH on your inner world. Interestingly, you have Gemini (thinking, also talking) modifying your North node (future goals) is focused in the 10th house (duty, also career, responsibility) and is outside of the cradle side of the chart. This indicates you might benefit by talking to OTHERS about THEIR experiences, using astrology as a guide to help you understand them.

It is natural to begin your discovery of astrology with your own chart, but also remember the outside world, where there is tons of learning examples to be found! And, remember, the worst thing that can happen when you try to read someone else's chart is they tell you you are wrong! ;)

Encouraging outer as well as inner exploration,