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Ive studied astrology on and off for a few years, and recently something has drawn me back to it. Before now I never really noticed all the strong aspects in my natal chart, and am hoping someone may want to help me in interpreting this chaos called a life lol

Incase you are curious, attached is my natal chart.


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Hi! I'm new too! Are your parents divorced or are you adopted? No offense, just wondering from your chart. Have you thought of getting into the health/beauty/services/nursing industry?

Someone in the home was scary, or lots of power plays in the home. Maybe secrets, someone had an "upper hand" maybe?

You have a grand trine in earth, Jupiter in the 2nd, eventually, if you don't already, you will crave stability and monetary stability...or you will help someone else get that. Or you already have it.

Any type of psychism? Do you have intense dreams? Do you have some type of psychic "gift"?