Hello everyone


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I have been reading and reading and want to say how great this place is for those of us seeking insight with astrology.:cool:
Thanks to all of you for being my teachers!
I just noticed I am older than everyone here, oh well.
I am 52 and experienced a Chiron return that seems to be putting me on a path to self discovery. (Late in life I know)
Astrology is so cool - it is about everything!


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Hello Cindy, welcome
I don`t think you are older the oldest and every age has his beauty...
Also, beautifull flowers you have in there...very colorful...
Oh, and you are Sagittarian colleaque... Weeeeeeeeelcoooooooome...
Best regards


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Welcome, Cindy! I won't say who old I am, but let's just put it that I recently experienced my second Saturn return, as well as my progressed sun sextiling natal sun. So you're by no means the most senior citizen here! BTW, now you have tons of life experience to apply to your astro learning!


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Thanks guys! It is so nice to express yourself about a subject you love without someone saying "Astrology is stupid, etc. etc,.
Thanks for the warm welcome!