Hello - also moving over from Astrodienst forum


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in pisces
? :)
And to be clear, to all, self introduction threads are NOT a place for debates, rants, or politics. I've deleted some posts that pushed this thread in that direction. Since the subject of the astro.com forum closing naturally came up in this thread, it's fine to fill others in about it, but the focus here still needs to be on welcoming the newcomer.

Welcome, Columbine!


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Hi, Deb!
I recognized you from your Avatar!
:) All good astrologers are gathered here!
Glad to see you Iris. As luck would have it I just changed the photo avatar yesterday to the one I had last on astro forum. How is that for a coincidence! I didn't know then that the site was closing until later in the evening. So glad you are here now.;)
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Nice seeing you all here.
Leomoon; yes I have recognized you.🤩 Great !
Iris70; Nice having you along the ride..👍
My new years eve promise is to not getting involved too much into the politics here.
Trying to stay centered in astrology. See how it goes...:)
Using the same name - Columbine - as on Astro.com. I have been interested in astrology for over 50 years and find Liz Greene and Donna Cunningham very helpful. I would describe myself as 'an interested by-stander'! ;)
Hi Columbine! Nice to see you here. I loved your posts in Astro.com and you were so very kind.