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Goodevening to everyone
I am new in the Astrologers community and I will directly post my concern

I have SUN 26 ar 26' and Hekate 26 ar 4'20" so I believe together with the fact that they are right on the Cusp of 5th to 6th house change, I should be wary of the effects of the energy Hecate has on me.

Now the thing is that regarding Arabic Parts this speaks of a funhouse together with the psychiatric hourglass and feeling of being lost in life and the possibilities of imagination bringing back ideals and truths into lifes play

What i wanted to ask of you, concerning my ascendant which is 09:56 SC and conjuncts with 76 Freia 09:58 SC, 86 Semele 09:06 SC & 431 Nephele 09:53 SC is how to establish a picture regarding my person since all these asteroids are Female and I am male.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and feel free to endepthen with questions..