Heart trouble


My friend has just spent a week in hospital and has been diagnosed with some atrium fibrillation, the stuff Tony Blair had, but as I said to him, he has Cherie to suffer:eek:

What do I do, do I post a natal, progressed or horary chart?


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progressed and solar arc might help? I think you could learn something with it..it would be interesting. With horary what would the question be? You could ask a question but what would it be?

Sag Moon

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I just went through heart surgery 2 months ago. Leo ,the Sun and the 3rd,6th,9th and 12th might play a part in his condition/ I would need to see the chart along with what has been suggested.

Any squares or oppositions to the Sun? Maybe Mercury and Mars are active in the chart also .Mars rules surgery and surgeons.