Heart surgery (stent) when moon is in Leo, 2 days before full moon?


Question: How bad is it to have heart surgery (stent) when moon is in Leo, 2 days before full moon?

Greetings all,

My father is going to have heart surgery this February 14th, and I read that it's bad to have heart surgery when the moon is in Leo (which it is from Feb 14 to Feb 16th).

I've also read that no surgery should be done 3 days prior or after a full moon, and the full moon is on Feb 16th.

Is it something to really be concerned about?


My father will have a heart stent put in, he has chest pains when doing semi-difficult physical activity (angina), and has arterial blockage (atherosclerosis). The stent will correct the blood flow blockage in the blocked arteries.

I'm a bit worried that his heart surgery is in Leo (which supposedly is the worst sign for a heart surgery, and should be avoided), and about the proximity to the full moon.

The surgery has a 1-2% risk of getting a blood clot / heart-attack / stroke during the procedure.

Most people are telling me this is a routine surgery, and not to worry about it, but just wondering if I should take the astrology into consideration, or whether it won't matter much.

I don't know my father's exact time of birth, but I'll attach a natal chart from his birthday / within a few km's of where he was born, in case it might be useful.

And I'm asking on here to see how big of a risk it would be, getting the heart surgery this February 14th... is it something to really be worried about?


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