Health Problem

Respected all,
I am giving the details of my friend who is suffering from ill health past 1 years. When she will perfectly fine and when her marriage is possible ? Will her health have effects on her marriage? How will be her marriage life?

DOB- 7 November,1989
TOB- 23:47 PM IST (24 Hour Format)
Gender- Female.


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she has very vague chances of marriage(very difficult to find a groom) and even if she gets married by luck, she will have a bad marriage.
will be ill-treated by husband and his family.

marriage will end up in divorce and after long gap, she will go for second marriage, which would be slightly better than first one.
All these incidents will happen in jupiter dasa (2008-2024).
Her health problems will not be resolved completely and they will also become obstacle for her progeny in future

unfortunately i dont see any remedy too that will work for her
Respected Sir, I am really shocked .

Thanks for your kind efforts.
But the fact is that we love each other from past 6 years. And I want to marry her at any cost.Is it possible? My details are:

TOB-20:45 PM IST (24 Hour format)
Place- Bikaner,Rajasthan(India)
gender- Male

Kindly give me feedback.I will be highly obliged to you .


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Please load your charts by Astrodienst.....they are free.

The negative comments you encountered here are I would suggest not necessarily accurate or by one with any great knowledge.


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You will have to post the chart if you want some answers. Not everyone has the time to make the charts.

So pls post the same if you are further interested in knowing about her.