He has so much water and i dont...can it work?


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Hi! So i am starting to see this guy and all seems well so far. Got his birth info (his TOB is incorrect but mine is). He is very playful on the outside but says he is very introverted. What do you think of our synastry? Is he too sensitive for me? Is there compatibility? I am worried cause i have never gotten along well with water people before. Also, he is very organized and driven for having his moon in pisces.

He is on the outside i am on the inside:


He's the left column



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This is totally a shot in the dark, so bear with me.

I'm seeing positive aspects between his Eros and your Moon, which would bode well for initial attraction, I'm sure, as Eros is passion. Also an almost exact sextile between your Moon and his Venus, so you would be attracted to his love nature.

I do notice some squares between your respective Suns and Moons and one between your Mercury and his Moon. The Sun aspects might make it hard for you two to fundamentally understand each other and the Mercury aspect may be difficult for you two to communicate about his feelings. There's also an almost exact inconjunction between his Eros and your Saturn, which may indicate some discipline/lesson is here in initial passion.

I think ultimately to keep the relationship going longterm, you'll simply need to make an effort to both be clear about your emotions and to find meaningful ways to effectively communicate them to each other. Ultimately if you say you tend to not get along with watery people, I would be cautious, as he has quite strong watery energy as you've already pointed out. Based on your placements, I'm assuming you prefer people who are more forthright and less sensitive. Based on his Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Cancer, and Mars in Pisces, he is likely to be more secretive/reticent, sensitive, and wishy-washy than you tend to be.