Having a hard time could use some insight


I am going through a hard time in a lot of aspects of my life but am grateful of what I have. Things have improved a little and I have been working on myself as suggested in the pass...
If anyone could just give me an idea of what's going on with me I would greatly appreciate it. I think this is the correct chart, pleas let me know if it is wrong...

Thank You


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hmm, I'm no expert but since you've got a lot of stuff in your fourth house, including pluto, (which is supposed to be our "greatest wounds" and "transformational potential" and stuff), I would ask u, if u feel comfortable sharing, how's your home life? both past present, like did you have a rough childhood, or deal with abusive family members, or other painful stuff?

my mom has a lot of planets mainly in her fourth and fifth and had a really painful childhood, but grew up to be a really loving and protective parent... she has pluto in the fifth though, but the sun in the fourth like you do...

you've also got the moon in third house which gives you a very subjective view of the world, kind of like your emotions have a lot of influence on how you interperet events. my sister has this and her emotions are pretty powerful with their effect on her. i mean everyones emotions are real and a huge part of their lives and sense of reality, but i think yours very much effects your judgement. not a bad thing, though...

whatevers going on i hope you have some good stuff happen to you soon! you deserve to feel good and to find peace in your life. hope u find the healing u need...

(sorry this is so long and rambling)
Thank you for reading my chart.
Yes my childhood wasn't exactly picture perfect, I lost my mom to cancer as a teenager and it was very hard along with other events that happened prior.

I can see how I may let my emotions have influence on events where I may not always make the best decisions

Thank you also for your kind words. Now in my 30s I have recently lost my father and am also going through some other personal stuff ( caused by my emotions influencing my better judgement). But I too hope that things get brighter.

Love and light ,


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By my calculations you've been in a Rahu/Venus Vimshottari period since mid February 2014. As a general rule it is not a very nice period (In fact the whole Rahu period itself is generally tough in many respects, but Rahu/Venus is worse). Your Venus is not that well situated in this case.

I haven't checked specifically for you as that would take more time than I have, but it is very likely a major relationship indiscretion occurred during this time period due to the state of Venus resulting in a major breakup. That is always a possibility in the period and moreso specifically for you as your Venus is very good for "sex" but bad for "relationship" and your Rahu is very "self" focused which tends to draw one away from relationships - hopefully in order to figure out and learn more about who one really is. (This could not be the case at all, but it seems very likely from a glance).

The period will end early next year, in mid-February and the current issues are liable to get somewhat relieved. Particularly emotionally you will become more stable and feel a lot better and secure in yourself. I would however, continue to watch your health, as that is not so liable to improve in that period and may get worse.

For safety, if you're so inclined spiritually, you would do well to give offerings to the Sun etc regularly, starting shortly before February and continuing until January 2018. It's a bit late perhaps, to offer remedy for your current issues. So just hold on for the next 6 months or so - though if you want, you might want to find a Durga mantra (on youtube) and chant it regularly for the remaining 6 months.
Thank you Rawiri for reading my chart.

I wish it came with a bit better news though, but sometimes truth is better.
I am optimistic that my current situation will still work out ( relationship issues).

What exactly are sun offerings though?

I will YouTube the Durga mantra as I am open to anything that may help.

Love and light,


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Sorry for assuming that would be clear.

An offering is simply the "sacrifice" of some particular item, while out-loud stating it is for the particular planet (in this case, the sun). Normally this would be done at appropriate times and with an "image" of the sun (that is a sun god) in front of the person.

A simple and cheap example would be lighting a tea-light candle every Sunday morning while saying a prayer to the sun and offering it. Standard (and relatively cheap) offerings include things such as candles, burning incense, water and chanting mantra. Though they can get more elaborate to include flowers, food, gold etc. It is possible to purchase other people to make such offerings for you (though you would probably get better results just lighting a tea-light every Sunday to be honest).

The same can be done for any of the planets that may be causing problems, or just to ask for general assistance. Of course, this all depends on your spirituality - some people are absolutely against such due to religious reasons or else consider it "woo-woo." I can only say I have seen good results due to such things - but I was a "magician" before I was an astrologer.

Anyway, I hope that clarifies things a bit and best of luck to you.