Have you ever seen a chart without bad aspects?


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I knew one lady whose chart was mostly full of trines and sextiles. She was pretty even as she aged. She had been married for 20 something years, and she had held the same job for 20 something years. She didn't have any problems in life really. I think she has a lot of unfufilled potential. She was a great sales lady. She could of sold real estate or something like that, but instead she sold cosmetics all her life.

All the same, I know she cheated on her husband once, so she must of been somewhat unhappy at one point. She also had an alcoholic father. She got demoted on the job once because she was having issues with her boss, but she presevered, found favor with the boss and eventually got her old posistion back. Overall, this lady had an easy, mellow life.


No. Their abundance of easy aspects is bad though.

Could go any way - it really depends on the person. I don't really sign on to the idea that a chart full of sextiles and trines means a person has to be a lazy monster and that a chart full of nothing but hard aspects means someone is a hard-working saint.


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Here's my cousin's chart....
No squares or oppositions, no trines either.


But! There is the Venus/Uranus conjunction in Sag opposing the Chiron Rx in Gemini in the 7th. I would count that as a hard aspect, and probably what a lot of the sextile energy depends on. She probably would have a hard time making positive use of the opportunities the sextile offers, without proper balancing of that opposition. And within Chiron Rx being involved - and in the 1st house, no less-it's an on-going wounding between herself and others.

Also, the ruler of her 8th and 11th houses, Jupiter in Cap is in the 8th and making an exact inconjunct to Chiron Rx in Gemini in the 1st. Inconjuncts are a powerful, not-to-be-overlooked aspect, I have found.


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I knew a girl once whose chart was made up on mainly soft aspects. She was a very beautiful girl, lived off an inheritance from her father and never worked apart from doing some modeling here and there. She seemed to be very flighty, lacking any depth or backbone. But to be fair to the girl, i didn't know her that well.